North America

In this first in a series that will highlight books from all seven continents, readers will find a variety of offerings. North America spans Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, as well as Central America and the Caribbean Islands. This month's books offer slices of life in many countries in North America. Whatavere your interests: from city life to travel or much more, you’ll find something for everyone. Don't forget: when you find something you like, try the next book in the series, or other writings by the same author.

If you have a child from third to sixth grade, his/her teacher may also be "traveling the continents" in social studies class with the companion travels and gepgraphy skills related to each continent. Ask whether the class is following TeachersFirst's Globetrotter's Mission: Finding Dewey, a free classroom-ready offering for grades 3-6 to learn map skills and geography as they participate in a mystery that travels 'round the world.