Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Listen!

Listen, Buddy - (ISBN: 978-0395854020)

by Helen Lester

Buddy’s parents try to get him to use his oversize ears to learn to listen better. Maybe his problem is more that he is not paying attention? Enjoy this humorous book about a little rabbit whose problems you may have experienced in your own family!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? - (ISBN: 978-0805053883)

by Bill Martin, Jr.

As in all Bill Martin books, as you listen to it you will soon want to join in to imitate the sounds as you hear the pages read. Its predictable format allows you to repeat the book (and sounds) on your own. Soon enough, you will become the animals you are “reading” about!

The Ear Book - (ISBN: 978-0375842795)

A boy and a dog pay careful attention to the sounds around them. The onomatopoeic word choice makes reading the book a listening feast all readers. After reading this book a few times together, little book lovers will be able to supply the sounds that accompany the sights in the book.

The Listening Walk - (ISBN: 978-0064433228)

by Paul Showers

Find an amazing array of sounds available to as you follow along through the pages of this book. Take a walk yourself. Tread quietly so you can hear every sound around you.

What Does the Fox Say? - (ISBN: 978-1481422239)

by Christian Lochstoer

This book goes through all the different animal sounds, but the question of fox’s natural noise remains unanswered. Although the book gives many possibilities for the fox, you remain unsure of his real utterance. Before long, you will be imitating the animal noises and creating your own! Make your “guessed” fox noises together.

And the Cars Go… - (ISBN: 978-0763665807)

by William Bee

Hearing - (ISBN: 978-0812057362)

by Maria Rius

No, David! - (ISBN: 978-0590930024)

by David Shannon

Why Should I Listen? - (ISBN: 978-0764132193)

by Claire Llewellyn

Activities for this Theme

Watch videos of celebrated actors reading children's books accompanied by animated illustrations.

Try helping your child learn to listen and follow directions better in a positive way.

Try a listening game inspired by the Dr. Seuss book Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

Enjoy this visualization of the book What Does the Fox Say?

Take a walk with your family in the woods and listen quietly to the sounds you hear. Then compare these to the sounds you hear on a city street.