Early Elementary Books

Theme: Listen!

Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse - (ISBN: 978-0688128975)

by Kevin Henkes

Lily brings her pride and joy, her purple purse, to school for show and tell. She loves it because it plays music. But when the teacher has to take it away, she becomes angry. When he returns it, her anger dissolves when she reads his kind note. Have any of your show-and-tell items gotten you into trouble?

Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, and Smell - (ISBN: 978-1404805088)

by Pamela Nettleton

Learn about your five senses through looking at the various illustrations and trying some of the things you see. What are some activities you might add to the book if you were the author?

The Best Nest - (ISBN: 978-1934359259)

by Doris Lueller

In this retelling of a traditional tale, a magpie mother carefully explains how to build one of the magpie’s famous sturdy nests. The young have other things on their minds and take off without learning the secrets she is trying to explain. What are the end results of their not listening?

The Magic School Bus in the Haunted Museum: A Book about Sound - (ISBN: 978-0590484121)

by Linda Beech

What could be a better way to learn about sound than to spend the night with your class in a “sounds” museum? And what could be a better group of sounds than eerie ones the campers hear when they find out the museum is haunted? Enjoy the favorite Mrs. Frizzle as her class discovers how sounds are made, and most importantly, how scary they can become! What noises frighten you? What do you find scary about those particular noises?

The Merchant of Noises - (ISBN: 978-1567923216)

by Anna Rozen

After starting to market “noises,” Mr. Bing’s business takes off. Although Mr. B dresses like a fop, he really knows the best kind of noises to package and sell to people, the noises they want to hear. What other noises do you think he could have sold?

Armadillo Tattletale - (ISBN: 978-0590997232)

by Helen Ketteman

Bugged - (ISBN: 978-1575652597)

by Michelle Knudsen

Busy Like You Can’t Believe - (ISBN: 978-0440421085)

by Katy Kelly

Activities for this Theme

Play Simon Sez. Or change the name Simon to one of your children’s favorite book or movie characters, like the Hulk.

Play Red Light, Green Light and other listening games with your young child.

Help children improve their listening and direction following skills with this activity packet.

Take a walk with your family in the woods and listen quietly to the sounds you hear. Then compare these to the sounds you hear on a city street.