Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Taking Flight

Fly Away Home - (ISBN: 978-0780722286)

by Eve Bunting

A young boy and his anxious father skirt the police in the airport as they sneak from terminal to terminal, homeless. After he sees a bird get out of a trap, he realizes that, someday, he and his father may find a more reasonable life too. When this book was written, people had more freedom to move about at airports. Could this story take place today too?

Journey - (ISBN: 978-0763660536)

by Aaron Becker

A young girl goes on an imagined “flight” in this wordless picture book. Where else do you think she should have gone? Where would you want to go if you could fly to anywhere in the world?

Lisa’s Airplane Trip - (ISBN: 978-0375811142)

by Anne Gutman

As pet dog Lisa makes her first air venture to the U.S., she experiences some mishaps. However, a friendly stewardess helps her get everything right. Lisa really enjoys everything on the flight, especially the other passengers. Do you think they enjoy her as much as she likes them?

Planes Fly - (ISBN: 978-1442450257)

by George Lyon

This book compares the different modes of transportation that take to the air to move. How many can you name? Do you know any others that are not mentioned and illustrated in this beautiful book?

Why Can’t I Fly? - (ISBN: 978-0590405065)

by Rita Gelman

Monkey Minnie’s friends try to help her fly despite the fact that she does not have wings. Follow Minnie as she navigates in different modes throughout the book. Can you do all the things she can do?

My First Airplane Ride - (ISBN: 978-1477816752)

by Patricia Hubbell

Sadie the Airmail Pilot - (ISBN: 978-0385605069)

by Kellie Strom

Zephyr Takes Flight - (ISBN: 978-0763656959)

by Steve Light

Activities for this Theme

Fold your own paper airplane.

Make wings of your own.

Print some airport coloring pages to help amuse your children on a future flight or just to teach them what airports are like.