Early Elementary Books

Theme: Taking Flight

Going on a Plane - (ISBN: 978-0794510053)

by Anne Civardi

Children learn all about airports and airplane flights in the pages of this book. They even learn how to cope with situations where things might not go as smoothly as their parents had hoped they would. What further questions do you have that you wish the book had answered?

Hi Fly Guy - (ISBN: 978-0439853118)

by Tedd Arnold

In this book, a fly flies! What happens when the tiny insect meets a large-sized boy with an insect net? What is your favorite joke in this book? Have you ever caught anything using a net of any kind? If you enjoy this book, try other books in this series.

My First Trip on an Airplane - (ISBN: 978-1432948115)

by Vic Parker

Learn about what to expect when you are ready to fly the high skies! Experience, almost first hand, what you will see when you are at the airport, boarding the plane, flying, and landing. When you go on your first (or next) airplane trip, take pictures and make a scrapbook together.

Tar Beach - (ISBN: 978-0517885444)

by Faith Ringgold

A young girl flies, in her imagination, far above her garden apartment. She revels in the sites of the city, the world of New York City’s Harlem of the 1930’s. Imagine what you would see if you could take a similar flying journey above your home. Draw a picture of it!

The Boy and the Airplane - (ISBN: 978-1442451230)

by Mark Pett

In this wordless book, a young boy racks his brains to find a way to fly his paper airplane off a nearby rooftop. He sits and thinks and finally plants a tree so that he can climb the tree and get the plane down when the tree is big enough. What happens when he tries out his plan?

Flying Jack - (ISBN: 978-1563979712)

by Kathye Petrie

Johnny and the Gipsy Moth - (ISBN: 978-1897174401)

by Deannie Sullivan-Fraser

Me and My Flying Machine - (ISBN: 978-0819305152)

by Mariana Mayer

My Brother’s Flying Machine - (ISBN: 978-0316971591)

by Jane Yolen

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - (ISBN: 978-1442457027)

by William Joyce

The Hallelujah Flight - (ISBN: 978-0399247897)

by Phil Bildner

Activities for this Theme

Make your own insect net.

Make a flying machine out of popsicle sticks

Take a nature walk and record the number of things you see that are flying. They can be natural (birds, insects) as well as man-made (planes, helicopters).