Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Taking Flight

Fatal Crossing - (ISBN: 978-0988977211)

by V.O. Van Heest

This book traces the flight of Northwest Flight 2501 in 1950, a flight that disappeared from radar. Although human remains washed ashore in Michigan, this New York-Minnesota plane was never found. This fascinating account of the facts and also ideas about what may have happened may be applicable to some of the lost planes of recent years.

Night Flight - (ISBN: 978-0156656054)

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Saint-Exupéry tells the story of night mail pilots who flew between South American countries when flying was a new experience for all. This fictionalized account of the work these brave men did recreates the excitement and dangers they faced.

Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying - (ISBN: 978-0070362406)

by Wolfgang Langewiesche

Learn all about getting a plane up, avoiding stalling, using the various aircraft instruments, and landing in this informative non-fiction book. By combining this landmark book’s instructions and some practical flying time, anyone can learn to fly.

The Aviators - (ISBN: 978-1426211560)

by Winston Groom

This National Geographic publication describes the lives of Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Jimmy Doolittle, uncommon and accomplished aviators all. Their adventures, heroism, and inventiveness make a fascinating read. How can these three Medal of Honors winners be inspirational for today’s youth?

The Hindenburg – A Ship of Dreams - (ISBN: 978-1477510056)

by John Provan III

This fascinating book provides many helpful pictures of the building of the Hindenburg and details its luxurious fixings. It gives you a shocking idea of its size (25 of today’s athletic events air blimps of today would fit into it) and all the tests it went through. In addition to listing other flights it had taken, the book’s attention to minute details, which even includes the passenger list from the fatal crash in 1937, provides an insider’s look at the attraction of the ship.

I was Amelia Earhart - (ISBN: 978-0679776369)

by Jane Mendelsohn

On the Wing - (ISBN: 9780312363741)

by Eric Kraft

The Pilot’s Wife - (ISBN: 9780316789080)

by Anita Shreve

Whispers of a New Dawn - (ISBN: 9780736951708)

by Murray Pura

Activities for this Theme

Compare two of the Hindenburg movies to see which one is more realistic after you read “The Hindenburg – A Ship of Dreams.”

If you plan to take an airplane trip with your family and are unsure about what to expect, read this important checklist and its suggestions.

Look at some imaginative and unusual aircraft.