Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Holidays and Celebrations

An Amish Christmas - (ISBN: 0689838506 )

by Richard Ammon

Beautifully decorated with traditional Amish-patterned quilts, the pages of this book give a glimpse into the Amish holiday which is celebrated without the commercial trappings of mainstream American Christmases. Over a two-day celebration, Amish families have gift exchanges, meals traditional to their culture, outdoor fun, and opportunities to revere nature and their religious beliefs as they celebrate together.

D Is for Dragon Dance - (ISBN: 0823418871 )

by Ying Chang Compestine

Learn about a Chinese holiday in this culturally rich alphabet book which takes an orderly walk through many aspects of the Chinese New Year celebration including clothing, customs of that day, and food. Readers can find their own sign of the Zodiac by checking the illustration on the last page.

Hannukah Lights Hannukah Nights - (ISBN: 0694014370 )

Use this as a child’s first Hannukah board book. It firmly roots the traditions of the dreidel, the menorah, and group chanting within the Jewish family setting. For families of other faiths, it provides a window into the warm cultural traditions of Judaism.

Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present - (ISBN: 0763613789 )

by John Burningham

What happens to the Christmas present that gets left at the bottom of Santa’s sack? Follow the mad rush across the world and up Harvey’s mountain as Santa struggles to get the forgotten present to one small boy on time.

I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles - (ISBN: 0590458469 )

by Jean Marzollo

This holiday variation on the popular I Spy books is an activity in itself as children try to find various hidden pictures which represent all the symbols of Christmas. If your children enjoy this one, try other titles in the I Spy series.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - (ISBN: 0064431835 )

by Linda Williams

As parts of a pumpkin body materialize behind her, an old woman uses humor and wacky solutions to stay one step ahead of her pursuer in this raucous Halloween tale. Written in rhyme and using repetition, this book is sure to stay in young minds as they ask for it to be read again and again.

Turk and Runt - (ISBN: 0689847610 )

by Lisa Wheeler

In a humorous slant on Thanksgiving told from the turkey’s point of view, Runt, the younger turkey brother, tries to communicate to his mother that the visitors to the farm in November are not trying to award prizes to her children, but rather to select one to be eaten! Although Thanksgiving minded shoppers try to catch his older brother, Turk, Runt’s cries for help eventually save his brother and himself from the holiday table.

St. Patrick's Day - (ISBN: 0516279211)

by Carmen Bredeson

Activities for this Theme

Hide some favorite Christmas items around the house and have a family scavenger hunt to find them.

Make some simple Christmas ornaments and decorate your tree together.

For winter craft projects you can do with the whole family, choose from these 35 quick and easy ideas.

If you enjoyed the book about the Dragon Dance, take a look at these activities to learn about holiday traditions around the world.