Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Communities and People

Community Helpers from A to Z - (ISBN: 978-0865054042)

by Bobbie Kalman

Children learn all about the larger world around them as they page through this very different alphabet book.

Everybody Works - (ISBN: 978-0761317517)

by Shelly Rotner

Delightful, page-sized photographs introduce young readers to many occupations, both traditional and non-traditional. Also included are pictures of volunteers on the job as well as those showing activities people do as they work at home or pursue their hobbies. Even animals at work are included. Use this book to get your children dreaming about their futures!

Fire Fighters - (ISBN: 978-1550747836)

by Paulette Bourgeois

In this delightful introduction to the world of fire science, young readers learn the different techniques fire fighters use in different environments, the steps involved in fighting fires, and what life in a fire station is like. This book joins other books by the same author in the "In My Neighborhood" series.

Harbor - (ISBN: 978-0688073329)

by Donald Crews

Readers will delight in the great drawings of all types of boats imaginable. Children expand their worlds and learn about the onboard community as they imagine themselves voyaging and working as passengers and captains while looking through this picture book.

The Night Worker - (ISBN: 978-0374355203)

by Kate Banks

A young son accompanies his father to work and learns about the colorful and mysterious universe of his father’s construction job: its many large machines, its underground hole, its powerful hard hat. A wonderful way for a child to learn about community is through first-hand experiences like this one!

What Do Wheels Do All Day? - (ISBN: 978-0618563074) )

by April Jones Prince

By looking at the presence of wheels and their workings in so many places in our communities, users of this rhyming picture book learn about wheels used in activities, forms of transportation, recreation, and inventions.

Garbage Collectors (Kids Can Read series) - (ISBN: 978-1553377399)

by Paulette Bourgeois

What is a Communtiy from A to Z? - (ISBN: 978-0865054141) )

by Bobbie Kalman

Activities for this Theme

Many local fire stations have open house days. Take your child there so he can hear the siren, ring the fire bell, and sit in the fire truck.

Take your child to a local bike safety course offered by the municipality where you live.