Early Elementary Books

Theme: Good Food

Apple Pie Fourth of July - (ISBN: 978-0152057084)

by Janet S. Wong

A young Chinese girl dreads the slow down of business at her parents’ Chinese restaurant/grocery store on the 4th of July. Distraught and embarrassed because her parents can’t seem to grasp that Chinese food is not part of the “apple pie on the 4th of July” American idea, she is happily surprised by what the Americans buy after enjoying their busy day of celebration. Talk about holidays in your family: what foods do you associate with certain special days?

Arnie, the Doughnut - (ISBN: 978-0805062830)

by Laurie Keller

Everyone loves doughnuts, but healthy they’re not! Find out what really happens when bakers make these treats, from the point of view of one of the doughnuts! How does Arnie manage to save himself from being eaten? Can you think of other funny uses for doughnuts?

Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat: A Chanukah Story - (ISBN: 978-0618492954)

by Naomi Howland

A young girl with a secretly magic latke pan goes out to run an errand. Her brothers decide to make latkes on their own, despite her warnings against using the pan while she is gone. Readers will enjoy the cultural details in this recreated folk story, as well as the delicious recipe for the yummy potato pancakes. Talk about a time when you tried to make a favorite family treat and something went dreadfully wrong.

Let's Eat: What Children Eat Around the World - (ISBN: 978-0805073225)

by Beatrice Hollyer

Find out what the families of five different children from all over the globe do for a special day and what kinds of food they eat. Follow a child from each country: South Africa, Thailand, India, Mexico, and France, through an entire day; the foods the international families enjoy are included in a recipe from each country. Have you ever tried food from another country? Talk about your favorite foreign dishes.

Some Friends to Feed: The Story of Stone Soup - (ISBN: 978-0399240171)

by Pete Seeger Paul Dubois Jacobs

When a hungry soldier appears in town, he and the town are transformed as they add ingredients to a big soup pot. Find out how adding just a little to the stew results in a lot of delicious and nutritious soup. As a bonus, try the CD and learn the song about stone soup. Play it as you cook a simple soup with your family, each member adding one or two ingredients.

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy - (ISBN: 978-0399247491)

by Oliver Jeffers

Henry loves to eat, but his favorite food is books! He enjoys all types. As he eats, he gets smarter and smarter, until one day he doesn’t feel so good. The information in his head from all the books becomes a mishmash of ideas. Eventually, he starts reading the books and eating normal food, with an occasional bite from a book to top off his meals. Do you ever pursue activities with just as much diligence and hunger as you do food? What feeds your soul as you go through your day?

The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten: A Book about Food Chains - (ISBN: 978-0785775300)

by Joanna Cole

This time that favorite bus plunges into the depths of the sea to uncover the source of our food and trace the process to be ready for us to eat it. Talk with your family about what <i>food chain</i> means. Why is each part just as necessary as any other? The next time you have lunch, imagine how many plants or animals were responsible for helping to bring the food to your table.

The Race against Junk Food - (ISBN: 978-0965810807)

by Anthony Buono Roy Nemerson

Children learn about the advantages of healthy food for their bodies as they follow the Snak Posse. What’s the Snak Posse? It stands for Super Nutritionally Active Kids. Find out how avoiding burgers and fries can actually improve your energy and stamina. Maybe even design your own SNAK superhero outfit.

Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch - (ISBN: 978-0978954208)

by Melinda Hemmelgarn, Jan Wolterman, J.W. Wolterman

Follow a family on a treasure hunt through the produce aisles of a local food store in search of a healthy diet. They get lots of help from the “Munch Crunch Bunch,” fruits and vegetables, who serve as guides and ask riddles on the trip through the shop. Children will enjoy trying to solve the puzzles about nutritious food choices. A Munch Crunch Bunch game detaches from the book and helps readers review what they’ve learned. Try a similar scavenger hunt with your family in your local produce center or market.

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition - (ISBN: 978-0060274344)

by Lizzy Rockwell

The ABCs of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond - (ISBN: 978-1886101074)

by Steve Charney

Activities for this Theme

Try a drag and drop activity about three different kinds of food webs.

Watch a quick online video about food chains.

See how many different food chains you can build by playing this interactive game.

Go ahead, play with your food! Use these pictures and ideas to decorate your food with animal faces!