Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Secrets

How Many Fish? - (ISBN: 978-0064442732)

by Caron Lee Cohen

Six little fish and three little children have fun at the beach. What secret is hidden under one of the beach goers’ sand bucket? Children will enjoy counting along with the book.

Krypto the Super Dog: The Secret Rocket - (ISBN: 9780439744034)

by Sonia Sanders

A space dog comes to earth in a rocket which he then hides. His new friend Kevin wants to know more about how he got there. After you read this book, talk about why Krypto is called a “super” dog.

Magic Thinks Big - (ISBN: 978-0060581640)

by Elisha Cooper

What is Magic the cat’s secret decision as he sits at the door and contemplates all his possible moves? Read the book to find out where he really goes. What are some other things he could have done? Imagine adding more pages to the book.

Rainstorm - (ISBN: 978-0618756391)

by Barbara Lehman

In this wordless picture book, a mysterious key unlocks a passageway in a huge trunk. The young boy follows it and discovers another world filled with children who become his playmates. He goes back to play with them at other times, always returning home through the trunk. After you’ve looked through this book a few times, have your children tell the story as they turn the pages.

The Dark Dark Tale - (ISBN: 978-0140546217)

by Ruth Brown

A cat begins to explore an old, seemingly haunted house. Turn the pages of this circle story to find the secret the house holds.

The Secret Birthday Message - (ISBN: 978-0064430999)

by Eric Carle

A young boy must follow directions in a mysterious message to get to his birthday surprise. He reads words and decodes symbols to find the meaning of the secret code in the note. Have your children copy the easy symbols and tell you what they mean. Ask them if they can make other easy pictures that represent a word.

Grandpa Toad's Secrets - (ISBN: 978-0698116177)

by Keiko Kasza

The Midnight Farm - (ISBN: 978-0140556681)

by Reeve Lindbergh

The Red Book - (ISBN: 978-0618428588)

by Barbara Lehman

Who’s in My Bed? - (ISBN: 978-0761450467)

by Helen Piers

Activities for this Theme

Find the surprise picture when you connect the dots of these printables.

Put the puzzle together to find out what the snack is for today.

How would you decorate this room for a surprise party?

Make your own rebus to help your child learn to write using pictures.

Make your own puzzle by following the directions on this page.