Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Curiosity and Curiosities

Alice in Wonderland - (ISBN: 978-1440429095)

by Lewis Carroll

Relive the pages of this classic tale of where Alice’s curiosity leads. This is a great book for children of all ages, so everyone in your family should enjoy it. Talk about which character is each child’s favorite. Maybe even host a tea party!

Owen & Mzee: Language of Friendship - (ISBN: 978-0439899598)

by Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff Dr. Paula Kahumbu, and Peter Greste

One of nature’s true oddities, the well-documented relationship between a baby hippo and an ancient tortoise serves as the subject for this photo essay. This book is a follow-up to the book that first documented their friednship: <i>Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship</i>. Did the scientists’ concerns that Owen will become too large to be safe around Mzee end their curious relationship? Try other books that have been written about this unique pair.

Pandora - (ISBN: 978-0152021788)

by Robert Burleigh

In this retelling of the classic myth of Pandora and her forbidden box, Pandora tries to balance her overwhelming curiosity about a jar’s contents with her favorite activities. As she spends her time doing crafts, she cannot help but think about the story of Prometheus which is painted on the jar. What becomes of her temptation?

Room One: A Mystery or Two - (ISBN: 978-0689866876)

by Andrew Clements

A sixth-grader who attends a one-room country school house decides to help the stranger whose face he glimpses in an abandoned farmhouse. Wanting to learn more and more about her, he uses his skills of deduction to find out some answers but also offers her and her family some aid. Does he succeed in protecting her secrets?

The Fairy Tale Detectives - (ISBN: 978-0810993228)

by Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson

In this Sisters Grimm series, two sisters go to stay with their grandmother and discover a world of fairy tale creatures to whom they are related through the Brothers Grimm. The creatures exist in the normal world alongside “regular” folks. Before long, the sisters discover their own supernatural skills and try to solve the mystery of who kidnapped their grandmother. Enjoy the references to some of your favorite fairy stories; look them up and read them again.

Weaving Wonders: Spiders in Your Backyard - (ISBN: 978-1404817586)

by Nancy Loewen

Spiders inspire dread but also curiosity. The facts in this book lead to a greater appreciation of arachnids. Readers will approach spiders with awe rather than hesitation after they enjoy this volume.

Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City - (ISBN: 978-0711219069)

by Geoffrey Ashe

Boredom Busters!: The Curious Kids' Activity Book - (ISBN: 978-1885593153)

by Avery Hart Paul Mantell

Curiosity - (ISBN: 978-1410736994)

by Gerald Allen Wunsch

Foal in the Fog - (ISBN: 978-0439344159)

by Ben Baglio

Something Queer at the Library - (ISBN: 978-0440481201)

by Elizabeth Levy

Activities for this Theme

Make your own jewelry box with a secret drawer.

Make a mystery box for the curious among your family and friends.

Have your child write and send a “mystery” letter in four parts to good pals and members of the family. Receivers will become very curious about what will be in the yet unsent parts.

Try more books in the fairy tale series featuring the Sisters Grimm.