Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Curiosity and Curiosities

Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate - (ISBN: 978-0312990619)

by M. C. Beaton

If you enjoy cozy British mysteries, try this one with favorite detective Agatha Raisin meticulously putting together clues why the handsome new church official ends up dead. Plunge into the world of rural English cottages as you follow the reluctant problem solver through her plodding steps.

Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders - (ISBN: 978-0299222147)

by William R. Drennan

The overbearing and exotic personality of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright seemed to touch events in his life as well. After leaving his wife and children in Oak Park, Illinois, Wright marries a feminist and tried to settle into a “normal” life that turns out to be a continuation of his flamboyant egotism. Only a short time after finishing his home on the prairie, brutal murders destroy his new family, and a fire finishes off Taliesin. To gain insight into the whys of his personality and work, take a look at this crime “nonfiction.”

Odd Wisconsin: Amusing, Perplexing, and Unlikely Stories from Wisconsin's Past - (ISBN: 978-0870203831)

by Erika Janek

It is the real history that arouses curiosity about the unique events of this wonderful state. The idea that truth is stranger than fiction is proven here. Read about the pigs that once resided in the Capitol basement, or learn about the creative sculptors and their creations across the state. What detail made you most want to visit Wisconsin?

Struck by Lightning: The Curious World of Probabilities - (ISBN: 978-0309097345)

by Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

This highly readable but mathematically precise book shows examples of probability applied in all walks of life: from surprise parties to terrorist incidents to infrastructure collapses. For those curious about what MIGHT happen to them if…and when, take a look at this down-to-earth explanation of probability theory.

Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets - (ISBN: 978-0760750438)

by Mark Moran Mark Sceurman

For the most bizarre travel guide imaginable, take a look at this collection of abandoned roads, unused tunnels, insane characters, and black legends of places all across the country. Do you know any strange facts, places, or people from your area you could share with these writers to use in the sequel?

Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices - (ISBN: B000B5GOAY)

by George Leonard Herter

Morbid Curiosity: Celebrity Tombstones across America - (ISBN: 978-0970937216)

by Elaine McCarthy

The Elephant Man - (ISBN: 978-0345345134)

by Christine Sparks

Weird U.S. The ODDyssey Continues: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets - (ISBN: 978-1402745447)

by Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman Matt Lake

Activities for this Theme

To find out more about Wisconsin’s curiosities, see the regular Historical Society column.

If you enjoy traditional but interactive mysteries, try to solve the question in this short story, “The Lady or the Tiger”

Try other Agatha Raisin mysteries.

Read an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in email segments when you subscribe (for free) to Dailylit.

See the DVD “The Elephant Man” with John Hurt.