Early Elementary Books

Theme: Grandparents

Grandfather Counts - (ISBN: 978-1584301585)

by Andrea Cheng

Imagine Helen's surprise when, after her grandfather takes over her bedroom, she learns he can't speak English! Slowly, they begin to communicate and learn from each other after he hears her counting the train cars. He learns words in English, and he teaches her some in Chinese. Helen learns a lot more than words from her grandfather as their relationship deepens. Think about some of the things you have learned from grandparents. Do you think they've learned anything from you, too?

Grandmother's Dreamcatcher - (ISBN: 978-0807530320)

by Becky Ray McCain

A young Chippewa girl's grandmother comes to her rescue when she is unable to sleep. The grandmother tells her about their culture's use of "dreamcatchers" which catch the bad dreams the youngster is having. Together the grandmother and granddaughter make a dreamcatcher and enjoy spending their time together. What have you made together with a grandparent or other relative?

Halmoni's Day - (ISBN: 978-0803724440)

by Edna Coe Bercaw

At first, Jennifer, a Korean American, is a bit ashamed of her newly arrived Korean grandmother. When they go to Grandparents' Day open house at her school, her grandmother's quiet dignity and delightful story for the class open Jennifer's eyes. Her grandmother even receives a prize during the class visit. Jennifer realizes her culture is something to be proud of and that all grandparents share a lot more than she thought. What makes you proud to introduce your grandparents to your friends?

Not so Fast Songololo - (ISBN: 978-0711217652)

by Nikki Daly

Malusi (fondly called Songololo by his South African grandmother) goes along with his grandmother on a shopping trip to the big city. He helps her with directions and mastering the necessary technology, and she responds by getting him a much needed pair of new red sneakers. Do your grandparents have pet names for you, or you for your grandparents?

Opa and Oma Together - (ISBN: 978-1592981205)

by Patrick Mader

Opa and Oma share many lessons with their grandchildren about the beautiful outdoors of their rural homestead. After fifty years of marriage and many changes, their sixteen grandchildren still learn a lot about the European values of hard work, reverence for the land, and the importance of family. What are the most important things you have learned from your grandparents? What traditions would you like to share with your own children and grandchildren someday?

William and the Good Old Days - (ISBN: 978-0060210946)

by Eloise Greenfield

William's solution to the sadness he feels about his grandmother's illness and blindness is assuaged when he reminisces about the past times he has spent with her. His memories comfort both his grandmother and himself as he tries to find activities she can still participate in. What things made you feel better when you had an ill grandparent?

The Water Gift and the Pig of the Pig - (ISBN: 978-0618074365)

by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Grandmother's Pigeon - (ISBN: 978-0786812042)

by Louise Erdrich

Grandparents Song - (ISBN: 978-0688178529)

by Sheila Hamanaka

Nora's Ark - (ISBN: 978-0688172442)

by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

Activities for this Theme

Write a name poem, but instead of your name, write "grandma" or "grandpa" (or whatever you call your grandparent) in the first blank. Send it to him or her!

Make a dreamcatcher. Maybe make two: one for you and one for your grandparent.

Put your handprints on this poem and send to your grandparents or other important relatives.