Early Elementary Books

Theme: Pets

A Boy Wants a Dinosaur - (ISBN: 978-1842705803)

by Hiawyn Oram

What happens when Alex's grandfather takes him to the "Dino" store, and he gets a pet dinosaur? The dinosaur's size and appetite cause all sorts of problems. Finally Alex takes "Fred" to the country to find a dinosaur playmate. What kind of unusual pet would you like to have?

Daisy Dawson is on Her Way - (ISBN: 978-0763642945)

by Steve Voake

Daisy enjoys every inch of her walk to school and forgets about her promise to never be late again. Things are just too interesting for her to hurry by. When the family dog starts to talk to her during their walk, she discovers her special ability to hear and understand what he is saying. In fact, she can hear what all the wild creatures are talking about as she passes every day. How do you communicate with your pet?

Meet Wild Boars - (ISBN: 978-0312379636)

by Meg Rosoff

Have you ever thought of getting a pig or his large cousin, a boar, as a pet? This book tells everything you need to know about wild boars; there are even more disgusting things you don't want to know! This book appeals to every sense, including smell. Try to imagine the odors that would come from your bedroom if you had a boar as a pet.

Skunkdog - (ISBN: 978-0374370091)

by Emily Jenkins

Dumpling can do everything a dog should be able to do except....what? The beloved pet makes friends with everyone, including skunks, with no problem. Can you guess what is different about this lovable pet? Why did the author choose this title?

Sylvie's Seahorse - (ISBN: 978-1406301946)

by Mara Bergman

No, Sylvie does not have a pet seahorse at home, but she sees a seahorse family at the aquarium. She admires their nifty way of swimming. When she has fears about learning to swim, she remembers that baby seahorses swim as soon as they are born. She decides to try harder. Do your pets like to swim? Do they join you at the beach?

I Wanna Iguana - (ISBN: 978-0399237171)

by Karen Orloff

Owls in the Family - (ISBN: B000QHR212)

by Farley Mowat

Sweet Briar Goes to School - (ISBN: 978-0142402818)

by Karma Wilson

Wild Wombat - (ISBN: 978-0613934787)

by Udo Weigelt

Activities for this Theme

Learn about taking care of pets

Make your own pet treats