Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Pets

Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crowe - (ISBN: 978-1416914730)

by James Howe

The family pets are a bit nervous when famous author M.T. Graves comes to visit along with his ominously-named pet bird, Edgar Allen Crowe. Enjoy the slightly off-kilter pet personalities in the household. Be sure to talk with your family about the unusual names. What does this family do when Bunnicula, the pet rabbit, disappears?

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat - (ISBN: 978-0061448799)

by Chris Riddell

Ottoline lives in a very interesting New York City apartment stocked with objects that her parents have collected from all around the world. Her constant companion is her pet cat, and together they solve mysteries around the city. Is Ottoline lonely when her parents go off on their travels?

The Cuckoo Child - (ISBN: 978-0786813513)

by David King-Smith

See what happens when Jack Daw places a stolen ostrich egg under the family goose! The goose mother is accepting, but the ostrich's "siblings" nearly get stomped when their larger "brother" is around. How tall does the ostrich get before Jack returns him to the wildlife park?

The House of a Million Pets - (ISBN: 978-0805079746)

by Ann Hodgman

The author offers an inside look at her real house and its numerous animals and birds of many different persuasions. She is eager to share humorous but helpful anecdotes, such as lists of the worst things the pets ever ate, her tips on pet naming, and how-tos for pet area cleaning. Do you have any funny stories you could add to your own non-fiction animal book?

We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes - (ISBN: 9780060821142)

by Patrick Jennings

This unusual pet story with a twist is told from the point of view of the rattlesnake. The snake’s young owner thinks a gift of first a dead or a live mouse will be a perfect meal. Read this book to see how the snake reacts to having mice dropped on it and to living in a glass cage.

Be Nice to Spiders - (ISBN: 978-0060220723)

by Margaret Bloy Graham

Love That Dog - (ISBN: 978-0064409599)

by Sharon Creech

My Life in Dog Years - (ISBN: 978-0440414711)

by Gary Paulsen

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express - (ISBN: 978-0763642341)

by Megan Mcdonald

Activities for this Theme

Make your own pet treats

Send a pet e-card to a friend or a friend’s pet!

Make a funny talking dog video