Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Weather

Brian’s Winter - (ISBN: 978-0440227199 )

by Gary Paulsen

This book provides an alternative ending to Paulsen’s book <i>Hatchet</i>, in which a young boy finds rescue after a plane crash in the Canadian wilds. What would have happened if he had not been found? Details of how he creatively copes with the winter trials include facing a bear and scrounging for food and shelter. Talk with your friends about another possible ending for this situation. Enjoy the sequels to <i>Hatchet</i>, as well: <i>The River</i>, and <i>Father Water, Mother Woods</i>.

Hurricane Song - (ISBN: 978-0670061600)

by Paul Volpone

Miles, a young man who has just moved in with his father, finds himself living in the New Orleans Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina strikes. Along with his father and uncle, he learns what it means to lose one’s past and one’s freedom. Try this book for an insider’s view of what it was like to survive this difficult situation. Compare this Katrina with one from the 1900’s in the book <i>Isaac’s Storm </i> below.

Master and Man - (ISBN: 978-1604501438)

by Leo Tolstoy

The lead character in this classic tale braves a snowstorm with his servant whom he saves while losing his own life. Talk with your family about sacrificing one member for the good of the group. Is your own life equal to that of any other human being?

Nation - (ISBN: 978-0061433016)

by Terry Pratchett

Survivors experiencing the after-effects of a tsunami recreate organized society on a desert island. Enjoy the surprises when crew members find themselves in an unexpected spot. Their attempts to create order verge on the philosophical, however. Make a list of social “services” you would try to organize if you were in a similar situation.

On Thin Ice - (ISBN: 978-0889953376)

by Jamie Bastedo

Rapid climactic change leads to Ashley’s confrontation with a polar bear in a surprising region. Mystical elements of Inuit beliefs combine in a mysterious journey to find the archetypal polar bear Shaman responsible for the death of Ashley’s friend. What other social issues does this book bring up besides global warming?

Blizzards (Facts on File Dangerous Weather Series) - (ISBN: 978-0816047918)

by Michael Allaby

Dark Water Rising - (ISBN: 978-0805075854)

by Marian Hale

Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History - (ISBN: 978-0375708275)

by Erik Larson

The Journal of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn on an Alaskan Whaling Ship - (ISBN: 978-0439078146)

by Jim Murphy

The Weather Book: An Easy to Understand Guide to the USA's Weather - (ISBN: 978-0679776659)

by Jack Williams

To Build a Fire and Other Favorite Stories - (ISBN: 978-0486466569)

by Jack London

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