Early Elementary Books

Theme: Mathematical Marvels

Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar - (ISBN: 978-0698117532)

by Masaichiro Anno

An introduction to the concept of factorials, this book goes from the opening picture of a simple jar, inside of which readers find the sea. On the islands in the sea are countries, and in the countries, many jars. Read the book to find how to get to the many dots on the last page. Think together about other things that have more and more inside of them.

If You Were an Inch or a Centimeter - (ISBN: 978-1404851986)

by Marcie Aboff

Readers get to visualize themselves as measuring sticks roaming the world, looking for all the good things they can measure. Get out your ruler and/or yardstick and try a few things in your own house including those not commonly calibrated! Talk about other things that people measure: their weight, their recipes, the speed of their car.

Mall Mania - (ISBN: 978-0060557775)

by Stuart J. Murphy

This book finds an elementary school class at the mall, with each member of the class counting the number of shoppers who enter. As they wait for more people to come, they add up their numbers. They want one of their class to be the 100th shopper and win a lot of prizes!!! Try counting 100 of something together as a family: birds outside, cars driving by, windows on houses, or things with words on them found inside your home.

Math Curse - (ISBN: 978-0670861941)

by Jon Scieszka

While math students try to visualize the world’s entities all as math problems, one student uses his brain so much, he develops stress, math stress. Has this ever happened to you? What does he do to relieve this “curse”? Talk together about how you make stress go away. Do you do the same things?

Pigs Go to Market: Fun with Math and Shopping - (ISBN: 978-0689825538)

by Amy Axelrod

Do pigs have a problem with sweets? Even the porcine grandparents have not been able to resist getting into the Halloween candy. So it is off to the store for the pig family for more Halloween goodies. How much candy do they need after factoring in the amount they might eat on the way home in the car? For a good introduction to quantity and cost, delve into this fun tale. Talk about what the pig family might find to eat in your home.

The Big Buck Adventure - (ISBN: 978-0881062953)

by Shelley Gill

When a little girl gets to take her new one-dollar allowance to the store to find some goodies, she gets caught up in many calculations. What’s the cost? Which price is the best value? Which size package gives her more for her money? With today’s prices, children will probably have to use a five-dollar bill to apply the ideas learned here! Take a family trip to the dollar store and decide together how to spend your five dollar bill.

A Triangle for Adaora - (ISBN: 978-1845077389)

by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Candy Counting: Delicious Ways to Add and Subtract - (ISBN: 978-0816763306)

by Lisa McCourt

If You Were a Pound or a Kilogram - (ISBN: 978-1404852044)

by Marcie Aboff

Lemonade for Sale - (ISBN: 978-0064467155)

by Stuart J. Murphy

The Great Graph Contest - (ISBN: 978-0823420292)

by Loreen Leedy

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