Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Mathematical Marvels

Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra - (ISBN: 978-0061229572)

by Wendy Lichtman

Tess is surprised when her favorite subject, math, becomes just as unpredictable as her teenage life when she begins to study variables. How does she learn to cope with learning “flexible” thinking in mathematics, and also with liking a certain young man?

Gifted: A Novel - (ISBN: 978-0812977943)

by Nikita Lalwani

Rumi, a gifted mathematician of 14, struggles to live a normal teenager’s life while under the strict tutelage of her harsh father (determined to get her into Oxford University) and her mother who attempts to raise her as a nice Indian girl living in Wales. As Rumi finds herself, her rebellion from her parents results in unresolved anger and frustration. How would this book be different if Rumi’s family had not been from another country?

Number 8 - (ISBN: 978-0802796608)

by Anna Fienberg

Jackson’s mother removes him from the city to escape thugs she has come into contact with in her job at a casino. Jackson’s discomfort with the change and his obsession with numbers and math suggest he might have mild Asperger’s Syndrome. His new friends provide support and insight into the meaning of strange phone calls his mother starts to receive.

The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures - (ISBN: 978-0393309348)

by Malba Tahan

Think Arabian Nights with a touch of puzzle solving, and you have the basic premise for the delightful tales in this book. A Persian mathematician and mystic, Beremiz, solves the puzzles in order to teach and help the people around him. Along the way, readers learn a lot about ancient Iranian culture, and Beremiz finds romance!

The Parrot’s Theorem: A Novel - (ISBN: 978-0312303020)

by Denis Guedj

A rescued parrot helps his young owner solve a series of mathematical puzzles by using of his ability to recite things verbatim. The young owner’s caretaker, a bookseller, has come across a set of ancient math texts, and his efforts to delve into the history of math brings the pair closer to solving a mystery. If you really love math, mysteries, and long novels, this is a great introduction to some unknown history.

A Mango-Shaped Space - (ISBN: 9780316523882)

by Wendy Mass

Crimes and Mathdemeanors - (ISBN: 978-1568812601)

by Leith Hathout

Double Helix - (ISBN: 978-0142403273)

by Nancy Werlin

The Wild Numbers - (ISBN: 978-1568581668)

by Philibert Schogt

Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture - (ISBN: 1582340676)

by Apostolos Doxiadis

Activities for this Theme

Find out more about fractals, and make one for your computer desktop

Help the older children in your family understand what Fibonacci numbers are.

Make Moebius strip earrings