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Theme: Mathematical Marvels

Adam Spencer's Book of Numbers: A Bizarre and Hilarious Journey from 1 to 100 - (ISBN: 978-1568582894)

by Adam Spencer

Every early number -- and pretty much every subject based on numbers -- is covered in this highly entertaining approach to our world shaped by math concepts. Prime and Fibonacci numbers, triskaidekaphobia, perfect squares and Rubik’s cubes are just a few of the topics covered. Even if you think you do not like math, you will find a subject dear to your heart.

Annotated Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions - (ISBN: 978-1440417788)

by Edwin A. Abbott

This classic and trend-setting introduction to the world of science fiction, based on cience and mathematics, will delight any reader. More than science fiction, it is also a romance and a treatise on dimensions. Watch one of several movies based on this book: “Flatland,” or “Flatland, the Movie.”

Death Qualified - (ISBN: 978-1551668727)

by Kate Wilhelm

In this tense mystery, the attorney investigates chaos theory. He is hoping to solve the murder of a man brainwashed and drugged because of research being done at the lab where he worked. If you enjoy delving into mysteries with many layers, try this fictional examination of ethics, scientific research, science fiction, and fractals.

The Fractal Murders - (ISBN: 978-0446614917)

by Mark Cohen

When three mathematics professors turn up murdered, an interesting former prosecutor gets the job of trying to find their killer(s). Although the deaths do not appear related, the detective eventually finds that all the teachers were specialists in the field of fractals. After episodes with the FBI, country music, and a serial killer, the investigation’s unexpected conclusion is surprisingly simple!

The Oxford Murders - (ISBN: 014303796X)

by Guillermo Martinez

A series of murders at one of England’s oldest universities leads an international student and a respected author-mathematician on a physical but also intellectual journey; they need first to solve the meanings of the symbols left at each murder scene. By delving into mathematical and philosophical theory, they wrestle the question of whether there is a pattern in the killings or if the symbols are purely random. If you enjoy theoretical and philosophical reading, this book is the perfect combination of treatise and mystery.

A Certain Ambiguity - (ISBN: 978-0691127095)

by Gaurav Suri Hartosh Singh Bal

The DaVinci Code - (ISBN: 978-0307474278)

by Dan Brown

The Wild Numbers - (ISBN: 978-0753813140)

by Philbert Schogt

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