Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Funny Food

Candyfloss - (ISBN: 978-0312384180)

by Jacqueline Wilson

Candyfloss is the British name for cotton candy, and it becomes important when Flossie’s father meets a carnival worker who spins the delightful treat as part of her job. Flossie finds herself smelling less and less like her father’s diner, finds new friends, and adopts a positive outlook despite the family’s difficulties.

Charlotte’s Web - (ISBN: 978-0064410939)

by E.B. White

Have you ever thought about what rats eat? Enjoy this classic tale, paying particular attention to the scrounged meals enjoyed by the barnyard rodent. When the family goes to the fair, the rat secretly goes along and has a blast with all the fair leftovers. Fern and her brother Avery also enjoy lots of unusual eats while at the fair.

Homer Price - (ISBN: 978-0142404157)

by Robert McCloskey

Enjoy or revisit this classic humorous tale that takes place in middle America. In Centerburg, Homer has adventures with doughnut eating, doing odd jobs while his mother cooks for the family café, and making sure his pets, including a skunk, have enough to eat. This book tells of a different time in America, of small town life, and the inventions (including a doughnut machine) and hobbies of an entertaining young man.)

How to Eat Fried Worms - (ISBN: 978-0440421856 )

by Thomas Rockwell

This book, a treasure for reluctant or eager readers, makes food out of the most undesirable creatures -- including worms! Billy wants to make some money for his new bike, and his friends are willing to help him out if he eats lots of the disgusting creatures. How do they disguise the mini-beasts? Can you think of any other way to prepare a worm casserole?

The Magic Pretzel: Ready for Chapter 1 - (ISBN: 978-0689837906)

by Daniel Pinkwater

The extremely short chapters of this zany science fiction mystery make a great introduction to Pinkwater’s appealing writings. How can the main character keep from turning into a werewolf? How can he get the magic pretzel, his only defense, from the Pretzel Museum? Why is everyone else already a werewolf? Find the answers to these and other ridiculous questions before you know it!

Bug-A-Licious - (ISBN: 978-1597167574)

by Meish Goldish

Chocolate Covered Ants - (ISBN: 978-0590409612)

by Stephen Manes

Farmer Boy - (ISBN: 978-0060581824)

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Afterlife Diet - (ISBN: 978-0738804019)

by Daniel Pinkwater

Activities for this Theme

For the ultimate in weird food, try some of these 43 food combinations.

Enjoy Ratatouille as a family movie, rented or checked out from the library. This delightful story tells of a rat who helps a potential chef live up to his family name.

Let your children help plan the menu for a zany meal. Have dessert first, and have everyone eat with the wrong hand.

Try making some “artistic” sandwiches with your family