Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Funny Food

Big Mouth - (ISBN: 978-0385733946)

by Deborah Halverson

Shermie’s goal is to win eating contests. His hefty size and overall interest in food seem to predict success for him, but he finds he doesn’t have enough room in his already-packed stomach for more than 10 wieners! Dieting, working, and solving a mustard mystery provide for an exciting read, but Halverson’s goal is also to educate readers about eating disorders in male teens. Watch some eating contests to see if the top competitors are heavy or thin!! Do you think eating contests are a good idea?

Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food - (ISBN: 978-0618593941)

by Eric Schlosser

In this younger-audience version of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser examines what you are eating when you eat fast food. Do you really know that what seems like hamburgers and chicken may really have other strange ingredients and even stranger history? Schlosser also examines the relationship between young America’s love affair with fast food and the illnesses that older Americans suffer from. After you read this book, ask yourself if you are going to alter any of your eating habits.

Spider-Tizers and Other Creepy Treats - (ISBN: 978-1597167598)

by Meish Goldish

This book on “extreme cuisine” might be just what you need to make your next party a big hit(?)! You will get a kick out of just looking at this book as it describes food traditions outside of the U.S. This volume concentrates on spider, seahorse, and other arachnid recipes!

The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans - (ISBN: 978-0916727499)

by Carmen Tafolla

Readers will enjoy immersion in Mexican American culture in this short story collection. Based for the most part in San Antonio, Texas, these tales feature Spanish words and phrases and Chicana culture. Talk about foods or other cultural features you would like to try after reading this collection.

The Hunger Games - (ISBN: 978-0439023481 )

by Suzanne Collins

In this book, reality TV meets the Olympics in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors scrounge for daily needs such as food, fuel, and even medicinal plants. Two participants from each new “district” come to the hunger games unwillingly, chosen by lottery. To survive in the games, players must fight to the death. Think about the many ways we are able to obtain food today and contrast those with the methods people in this book use to survive.

Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? - (ISBN: 978-0547014968)

by Marissa Walsh

Fast Food Nation - (ISBN: 978-0060838584)

by Eric Schlosser

Fat Chance - (ISBN: 978-0698114067)

by Leslea Newman

Mercy Unbound - (ISBN: 978-1416908937)

by Kim Antieau

My Almost Epic Summer - (ISBN: 978-0142408056)

by Adele Griffin

One Fat Summer - (ISBN: 978-0064470735)

by Robert Lipsyte

Project X: Nissin Cup Noodle - (ISBN: 978-1569709597)

by Tadashi Katoh

Activities for this Theme

Learn about foraging and eating unusual wild foods.

Form a book club and readThe Hunger Games. Use these questions to guide your discussions. 

After a free, simple registration, you can collect your own recipes for unusual (and also normal!) food in an online cookbook. Start one together with everyone in the family!

Watch the controversial movie, “Super Size Me.” Talk with your friends about this after you read one of Schlosser’s books.