Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Partner Books

10 Minutes til Bedtime - (ISBN: 978-0142400241)

by Peggy Rathman

Parents will be amused to see how many things the children can find to do as the countdown to bedtime progresses! The house becomes busier and busier, and the family hamsters find many things to do. As one of the hamsters announces the countdown, the children gradually wind down for bedtime. Try announcing your children’s bedtime this way and see how busy they get! This book is a contrasting partner to the peaceful approach for going to bed in the <i>Good Night Moon</i> by Margaret Wise Brown.

Bebe Goes Shopping - (ISBN: 978-0152061425)

by Susan Middleton Elya

A routine shopping trip for the mother turns out to be a great adventure for her toddler, Bebe. Turning the corner to every aisle finds Bebe making more great discoveries. As Spanish words mix skillfully with English, readers will discover at least a little of another culture. A glossary in the back explains the words, but most are obvious from the context. Can you figure out their meanings without looking at the glossary? To learn more words in Spanish, try <i>Marimba! Animales from A to Z </i> by Pat Mora.

Good Night Moon - (ISBN: 978-0060775858)

by Margaret Wise Brown

A little mouse finishes bedtime preparations by saying goodnight to everything in his bedroom. Children will enjoy finding all the objects he names on the pages as the mouse peacefully progresses toward sleep in a room with the moonlight shining onto the floor. This book is a contrasting partner to the busy approach for going to bed in the <i>10 Minutes til Bedtime</i> by Peggy Rathman

Little Blue and Little Yellow - (ISBN: 978-0688132859)

by Leo Lionni

Little “dot” friends play and roam around together until they misplace each other. When they reunite, their hug results in a color combination! Can you imagine what it is? This book partners well with <i>The Dot</i> by Peter Reynolds!

Marimba! Animales from A to Z - (ISBN: 978-0618194537)

by Pat Mora

This alphabet book teaches animal names in both English and Spanish. The animals’ activities rhyme and create great fun as readers practice pronouncing the words. With your child, make a few pictures of easy-to-draw animals. Write the English and Spanish names on them for easy remembering. To learn more words in Spanish, try <i> Bebe Goes Shopping</i> by Susan Middleton Elya.

The Dot - (ISBN: 978-0763619619)

by Peter Reynolds

At first Vashti feels frustrated in art class because there is nothing on her paper, just a blank white page. A polar bear in the middle of a winter storm? What other situations can you suggest for a white on white drawing? Try drawing by letting the line go where it takes you too, as her teacher suggests. This book partners well with <i>Little Blue and Little Yellow</i> by Leo Lionni.

Good Night, Gorilla - (ISBN: 978-0698116498)

by Peggy Rathman

Harold and the Purple Crayon - (ISBN: 978-0064430227)

by Crockett Johnson

I Love Saturdays y domingos - (ISBN: 978-0689874093)

Ish - (ISBN: 978-0763623449)

by Peter Reynolds

Activities for this Theme

50 bilingual books for children

Try making color combinations on these basic shapes using water colors.

Help your child create a simple map of her bedroom. Then reread Good Night Moon, personalizing your reading to follow the book but using your child’s belongings.

Imagine your own “partner book” for a family favorite. What makes you read that book over and over? Start out with that one similarity, such as a character or the setting, but brainstorm ways you could make a partner story.