Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Technology On and Off

Orson Blasts Off - (ISBN: 978-0689842788)

by Raúl Colón

When Orson’s computer crashes, he reluctantly looks outside for something to play with. Orson’s dreamlike adventures include snowshoeing in July, meeting a whale, and taking off in a rocket ship he has made himself! Readers will draw conclusions about the types of video games he has and the images in his dreams once they read this book a few times. Talk about your dreams. What do they have to do with the way you spend most of your time?

Patrick's Dinosaurs on the Internet - (ISBN: 978-0395509494)

by Carol Carrick

Patrick comes across dinosaurs who live in cyberspace and talk to him when he is looking at the family computer. One of the dinosaurs wants to take Patrick home with him as his “show and tell” object! Talk about the possibility that dinosaurs have not really disappeared: they have just gone into space!

The Berenstain Bears Lost in Cyberspace - (ISBN: 978-0679889465)

by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears are delighted about the computer donations at school. With a computer for each of their fingertips, what can go wrong? If you have ever gotten lost looking at things on the Internet, you will enjoy this tale of adventure and loss!

Traction Man meets Turbodog - (ISBN: 978-0375855832)

by Mini Grey

A young boy is happy when his action figure, Traction Man, finds a robotic friend, Turbodog. He spends many hours of self-directed play imagining their adventures. Talk about your favorite toys and you play with them creatively.

When Charlie McButton Lost Power - (ISBN: 978-0142408575)

by Suzanne Collins

Charlie has a meltdown when the power goes out and his batteries die. He MUST keep playing his favorite video game!!! Should he steal batteries from his sister? What would you tell Charlie to do instead of playing computer games all the time?

Elf Help - (ISBN: 978-0786803590)

by Margie Palatinin

Robot Zot! - (ISBN: 978-1416963943)

by John Scieska

Rolie Polie Olie - (ISBN: 978-0060534844)

by William Joyce

Traction Man is Here - (ISBN: 0375831916)

by Mini Grey

Wee Three Pigs - (ISBN: 978-0448425283)

by Heidi Petach

Activities for this Theme

Color a computer to match your room or draw your own computer the way you would like it!!!

Make a tin-can telephone. (This used to be high technology for your grandparents!)

With the help of other family members, make your own pop-up book; draw your version of a computer and watch as it comes to life on the pages you create.