Early Elementary Books

Theme: Technology On and Off

Arthur’s Computer Disaster - (ISBN: 978-0316105347)

by Marc Brown

Arthur’s mother’s computer keeps tempting him to play Deep Dark Sea even though he knows he is not supposed to use it when she is not home. When he finally gives in and starts his game, disaster strikes. What does Arthur learn about asking for help when he really needs it?

Franklin And The Computer - (ISBN: 978-1553373629)

by Sharon Jennings

When Franklin gets started playing his computer game, his other activities suffer. He stops playing soccer, and he loses interest in spending time with his buddies. How do you balance the time you spend on computer games with other things in your life?

Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius - (ISBN: 978-1553378877)

by Frank Asch

Alex builds a rocket out of a cardboard box to fly away from his annoying little brother. The little brother is also working on his own inventions. Talk about some things you have designed to play with.

The Creepy Computer Mystery - (ISBN: 978-0590603225)

by Elizabeth Levy

In this offering from the Invisible Ink series, the young detectives try to find out why U.B. Spooks, a famous writer, receives an unwanted and threatening message on his computer. When the detective trio discovers scary messages are coming from school computers, the mystery thickens Read the book to find out why the series is called “Invisible Ink.”

Zoom - (ISBN: 978-0140557749)

by Istvan Banyai

Readers will marvel at the views of ordinary items when seen through different camera lenses. Everyone in the family will enjoy the illustrations in this wordless picture book and learn lessons in the power of technology and the uses of perspective. What objects around you might be different through such a lens?

Angela’s Top Secret Computer Club - (ISBN: 978-0688155711)

by Holly Keller

Chip, the Little Computer (Chip, el Pequeno Computador) - (ISBN: 978-1885624550)

by Tim Anders Dr. Hope

Computer Clues - (ISBN: 978-0440413394)

by Judy Delton

The Magic School Bus Gets Programmed - (ISBN: 0590187317 )

by Nancy White

The Other Side - (ISBN: 9780811846080)

by Istvan Banyai

Welcome Back to Pokeweed Public School - (ISBN: 978-0921285441)

by John Bianchi

Activities for this Theme

Try drawing the same item from three different points of view and three different distances. Or take a picture of something from three different angles.

See what inventions you can build from a few old cardboard boxes, scissors, crayons, markers, and tape.

Take a virtual tour of a schooner

Together as a family, enjoy virtual “trips” on webcams worldwide.

Try a no-tech family time each week. Turn off everything electric or battery powered for an hour or two and see what else you can do together!