Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Technology On and Off

Cyberia #2: Monkey See, Monkey Don’t - (ISBN: 978-0545027946)

by Chris Lynch

Zane finally gets out of the bedroom that has been his prison recently. He is so elated with his freedom that he does not notice that the chip implanted in his pet bird is brainwashing him. Why is Zane having so many problems? Dr. Gristle wants to find out how Zane can somehow communicate with animals. After Zane catches on, he sets out to free the animals Dr. Gristle keeps in lock-up. Whether you love animals or the use of technology, this mystery will keep you hopping.

Cyperpals According to Kaley - (ISBN: 978-1581960518)

by Dian Regan

In this modern-day version of a diary about pen pals, Kaley emails too many prospective cyberpals and ends up with a raft of emails. Since the communication is a project of her teacher’s, Kaley is in hot water with her and also with a classmate she is competing with. A welcome change from computer books mostly portraying male characters, this book of email messages is a fast read. Have you had an email pen pal from another country like Kaley?

Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War - (ISBN: 978-1426303791)

by Thomas and Roger Allan

Although we think of technology in terms of computers, iPods and cell phones, technology during the Civil War included many different devices. This fascinating account gives information on how technology changed the Civil War and also increases readers’ knowledge of President Lincoln, the only President to himself receive a patent for an invention.

The Annoyance Bureau - (ISBN: 978-0689849039)

by Lucy Frank

On a holiday visit to New York City, Lucas meets an officer of the Annoyance Bureau whose job it is to stop people from creating troubles. Lucas finds, surprisingly, that the Annoyance Bureau is itself creating some things that irk people. He wonders what “Annoyance Bureau” really means and what an “irkostat” is. What invention adds interest to this novel?

The Time Hackers - (ISBN: 978-0553487886)

by Gary Paulsen

Dorso’s seemingly normal laptop starts showing its funky abilities to help Dorso and his friends time travel. Wait!Is that a wooly mammoth emerging from the laptop? Find out how all time zones seem to converge in Dorso’s world. When Dorso finally finds out about an implanted chip, he begins to unravel the mystery of why things from all times keep coming out of his school locker where he stores his computer.

The Worry Website - (ISBN: 9780385730839)

by Jacqueline Wilson

In this modern-day version of an Ann Landers-type site, a schoolteacher offers students a website to get helpful advice from other students. What would be the benefits and also the drawbacks of participating in such a service?

Too Much Flapdoodle - (ISBN: 9780374376710)

by Amy MacDonald

When Parker goes to spend the summer with his non-tech aunt and uncle, he discovers an amazing array of activities that do not involve computer games or his cell phone. Without the protection of his computer, he must face his lack of physical fitness and other fears as he struggles to do chores and assist his aunt and uncle with various social causes. Talk about what things your family does together when you have a power outage.

A Very Personal Computer - (ISBN: 978-0060254049)

by Justine Rendal

Brainboy and the Deathmaster - (ISBN: 978-0064409353)

by Tor Seidler

Caught in the Web (From the Files of Madison Finn, Book 4) - (ISBN: 978-0786815562 )

by Laura Dower

Click Here (to find out how i survived 7th grade) - (ISBN: 978-0316985598)

by Denise Vega

Skeleton Creek - (ISBN: 978-1765043549)

by Patrick Carman

The New Way Things Work - (ISBN: 978-0395938478)

by David Macauley

Travis & Freddy's Adventures in Vegas - (ISBN: 978-0525476467)

by Paul Hoppe Henry Johnson

Activities for this Theme

Together as a family, enjoy virtual “trips” on webcams worldwide.

Try a no-tech family time each week. Turn off everything electric or battery powered for an hour or two and see what else you can do together!

Try writing your own science fiction story with your sisters and brothers or friends using this story maker online.

With your parents’ help, make a solar hot dog cooker.

Look at some of the past “hot” technology