Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Building Things

Bob the Builder Ready to Read Boxed Set - (ISBN: 978-0689870521)

These simple stories about the tools, clothing, and procedures builders use will delight all children. Ask which stories are your children’s favorites.

Henry Builds a Cabin - (ISBN: 978-0618132010)

by D.B. Johnson

Henry goes about the serious business of designing and building his own small home. As he works quietly and determinedly, he makes subtle reference to Henry David Thoreau’s cabin on Walden Pond. Make a drawing of a house you would like to have some day. How is your family’s home just right for you?

Let’s Pretend Rose’s Doll’s House - (ISBN: 978-1843329718)

by Roger Priddy

This spiral-bound workbook-style text offers children the chance to do some building and decorating of their own; the press-on characters and stickers encourage creative play while children design and help “build” the doll house.

Mr. Pine’s Purple House - (ISBN: 978-1930900325)

by Leonard Kessler

Find out what Mr. Pine adds to his house to make it very special and different from homes of his neighbors. Look at the houses or apartment buildings around the area where you live. Talk about how they are alike and how they differ.

Roberto, The Insect Architect - (ISBN: 978-0811824651)

by Nina Laden

The termite architect in this book is just a little different from his friends, but he pursues his vision of designing and building things. Great illustrations laced with appealing humor keep the focus on Roberto who perseveres in his dream despite the barriers set up by other architects. Roberto even manages to get other “bugs” to join him in creating his building. Can you create a bug “house” from a milk carton? What other kinds of bug “houses” have you seen?

This is the House That Jack Built - (ISBN: 978-0142402009)

by Simms Taback

This entertaining treatment of the classic circle story creates a complete experience for readers from the newspaper advertisements for tools inside the front and back covers, to the smell of cheeses inside the corresponding pages, to the sketches of home styles. Young readers will soon learn to “read” this book all by themselves and eagerly anticipate the humor on upcoming pages. Talk about which type of house your family would prefer to “build.”

Architecture: Shapes - (ISBN: 978-0891332114)

by Michael J. Crosbie

Gugu’s House - (ISBN: 978-0618003891)

by Catherine Stock

Iggy Peck, Architect - (ISBN: 978-0810911062)

by Andrea Beaty

Raise the Roof - (ISBN: 978-0670892822)

by Anastasia Suen

The Lot at the End of My Block - (ISBN: 978-0786805969)

by Kevin Lewis

Activities for this Theme

With your family, make a simple bird feeder house out of recycled materials

Build a simple African hut

Use your imagination to complete a house made from a large appliance box

Try a building game