Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Building Things

Ancient Construction: From Tents to Towers - (ISBN: 978-0822529989)

by Michael Woods

Readers learn about the methods, building styles, materials, and tools used in a variety of construction projects from ancient history. Photographs show the great array of man-made shelters and places of business from all around the world including the Middle East, India, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and both North and South America. Compare the details of this book with what you know of building construction today. What do you think modern builders could learn from the past?

Frank Gehry in Pop-Up - (ISBN: 978-1592237906)

by Jinny Johnson

This book appeals to all ages as it shows readers world famous architect Gehry’s creations. Mature readers will enjoy the explanations of how Gehry was inspired and how he set about combining natural elements with architectural principles.

Simple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts, Domes and Other Ancient Homes - (ISBN: 9781904263678)

by Jonathan Horning

This book traces the history of the construction of homes from early wooden shelters, often built in circular form, through the present. Told from the artistic mathematician’s point of view, this book and its wonderful illustrations connect developing construction principles and specific culture within the particular type of shelter being built. How do the more circular geodesic domes of today imitate the early round forms?

The Wright 3 - (ISBN: 978-0439693684)

by Blue Balliet

Several middle school students try to save a famous Frank Lloyd Wright home in Chicago from destruction when they see mysterious goings-on in the house at night. In this exciting mystery, the children must decode arcane messages, pushing their math knowledge to its limit while learning about the life and work of the celebrated architect.

Building Green Places: Careers in Planning, Designing, and Building - (ISBN: 9780778748632)

by Ruth Owen

Eco-Architecture - (ISBN: 9780737739978)

by Greenhaven Press, Publishers

If I Had a Hammer: Building Homes and Hope with Habitat for Humanity - (ISBN: 9780763647018)

by David Rubel

Joe and the Skyscraper: The Empire State Building in New York City - (ISBN: 9783791321035)

by Dietrich Neumann

Mosque - (ISBN: 9780618240340)

by David Macauley

Walden - (ISBN: 978-1153736244)

by Henry David Thoreau

Activities for this Theme

View some famous ancient buildings

Build your own geodesic dome

If you have a fast computer connection, build a Frank Lloyd Wright house online