Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: School

Henry’s Amazing Imagination - (ISBN: 978-0142416051)

by Nancy Carlson

Henry gets pretty carried away when sharing sights with his class on show-and-tell day. He does not intend to lie, but his imagination helps him exaggerate a bit. When his teacher suggests he write down his “tales,” he finds an outlet for his stretched truths. Eventually, he gets to read his stories at show-and-tell because the other children miss hearing his fanciful adventures. Try to write down one of your experiences, but exaggerate it a little bit to make it a great and exciting adventure!

I Love You All Day Long - (ISBN: 978-0060502782)

by Francesca Rusackas

Owen the pig is worried about being separated from his mother before his first day of school begins. Lovingly, the mother imagines a host of situations in which, she assures him, she will still love him even if they are not together. As long as Owen can think of his mother as he plays in the school band, or even if he makes a mess, he can go off to school and enjoy his day.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten - (ISBN: 978-0140562736)

by Joseph Slate

It’s the first day of kindergarten. As the animals wake up, their thoughts are focused on preparations and their new school. Similarly, the kindergarten teacher is getting ready too. Each animal represents a letter of the alphabet. Readers can review their letters while enjoying this great story. What did the children in your family do to prepare for this big day?

Toby’s Alphabet Walk - (ISBN: 978-0689826474)

by Cyndy Szekeres

Toby loves all the things he is learning at pre-school, but he especially enjoys mastering the letters of the alphabet. He even wants his mother to make alphabet cookies, but his best idea comes when he prints the letter of the alphabet on large sheets of paper for a game. Try this game yourselves!

Together - (ISBN: 978-1-55451-208-9)

by Hazel Hutchins

A group of young friends masters different fasteners as each one prepares to go off to school. With rhythmic intensity and wonderful illustrations, this book presents a slightly different focus on the first day of school. What are some things you do to get ready for pre-school or school yourself?

Giggle-Wiggle Wake Up - (ISBN: 978-0375813504)

by Nancy White Carlstrom

Jake’s Best Thumb - (ISBN: 978-0525477884)

by Ilene Cooper

The Kissing Hand - (ISBN: 978-1933718002)

by Audrey Penn

Activities for this Theme

Try the online game to help learn your alphabet before attending school.

Learn the letters and sounds by playing fun games at Teach Your Monster to Read.

Enjoy getting ready for school by playing these fun math games.

The next time your mother makes sugar cookies, cut some in the shapes of your initials. Use a plastic knife to cut large versions of the letters. If you are not baking, try rolling and cutting them from Play-Do.

Have show-and-tell time with your family. Try to get your parents to share an object you did not know about or tell the entire group a story of their past you have not heard before.