Early Elementary Books

Theme: Poetry

Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes - (ISBN: 978-0152050504)

by Alice Schertle

These poems tell about things from the clothing’s point of view -- with all the rhyming words in italics. Try to remember one or two poems as you get ready for school, play, or work.

I’m Allergic to School: Funny Poems and Songs about School - (ISBN: 978-1416929475)

by Robert Pottle

If you enjoy humor about the many possible mishaps that happen before, during, and after school, this is the book for you! Share things that have happened to members of your family after enjoying some of these hilarious happenings!

Ocean Soup: Tide-Pool Poems - (ISBN: 978-1580892001)

by Stephen R. Swinburne

Besides the poems about the inhabitants of tide pools, readers can find more information about the creatures and even a glossary to explain the new words further. Charming illustrations build understanding of many living things found near the ocean. Try your hand at drawing your own versions of these fascinating beings!

Storm Coming! - (ISBN: 978-1563978876)

by Audrey Baird

These rhyming poems reflect a child’s reactions to various types of weather events. Skillfully written in different poetic styles, these writings use of a wide variety of figures of speech. Try to find some metaphors and similes as you read these. Create some of your own similes to explain weather foibles.

What’s the Weather Inside? - (ISBN: 978-1416900924)

by Karma Wilson

These fun experiments in poetic expression will speak to children. Readers will forget they are reading poetry as they examine familiar subjects using humor, word play, and variations on well-loved nursery rhymes. Take a favorite Mother Goose rhyme and try to change it to make it funnier.

Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinare - (ISBN: 978-0061896439)

by Jane OConnor

Hailstones and Halibut Bones - (ISBN: 978-0385410786)

by Mary O’Neill

Leaf By Leaf: Autumn Poems - (ISBN: 978-0590253475)

by Barbara Rogasky

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse - (ISBN: 978-0525479017)

by Marilyn Singer

Orangutan Tongs: Poems to Tangle Your Tongue - (ISBN: 1423103157)

by Jon Agee

The Bill Martin Jr. Big Book of Poetry - (ISBN: 978-1416939719)

by Bill Martin, Jr. Michael Sampson

Activities for this Theme

Visit Seussville for videos, character identification games, and fun activities centered around many Dr. Seuss books.

Make a pocket to carry a poem in.

Make a flag for the Japanese star festival. Write your very own Haiku poem to go on it.

Try writing a shape poem online