Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: An Artist's Style

Alfred Stieglitz New York - (ISBN: 978-0847834907)

by Bonnie Yochelson

Stieglitz’ New York City childhood occurred at a time when giant skyscrapers were rising to forever change the city view. His photographs reflect his love of his city and its developing character. Somehow his photographs do more than just capture the buildings and monuments of this great city; his vision and talent helped him to center the scenes, to capture the essence of the city’s power and burgeoning growth.

Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty - (ISBN: 978-0312607487)

by Phoebe Hoban

Alice Neel’s fierce determination to paint as she wishes, despite the disapproval of both the artistic scene and the political culture, results in her unique vision. Her portrait paintings reveal the gritty lives behind the people she portrays, defying the convention of presenting the best side of pictured lives. Her personal life, often tempestuous and tragic, contributes to her understanding human character. Her artistic influence contributes to the Expressionist, Symbolic, and Surrealist movements. Focus on just one or two of her paintings at a time to see their full effect.

Chuck Close: Life - (ISBN: 978-3791336770)

by Christopher Finch

This biography focuses on the fact that Chuck Close’s artistic style was greatly influenced by his disabilities: the inability to recognize faces, and the inability to see the whole as a sum of its parts. His earlier paintings reflect his need to flatten faces to make them recognizable and his use of many small parts. After a spinal injury and resulting paraplegic state, Close’s later paintings, done with brushes strapped to his arms, reflect the state of his body.

Masters: Collage - (ISBN: 978-1600591082)

by Lark Books

The evolving and expanding art form of collage making is well documented in this book. See traditional cut and paste forms as well as digital, painted, and found objects.

Wall and Piece - (ISBN: 978-1844137879)

Banksy, a visual artist who appears only in his works of graffiti found in buildings around the world, remains a mystery. After looking at some of his works in this amazing book, think about how the art of creating graffiti to express political causes, loves, and passions has become an art form.

Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art - (ISBN: 978-0143035121)

by Phoebe Hoban

Finding Your Visual Voice: A Painter's Guide to Developing an Artistic Style - (ISBN: 978-1581808070)

by Dakota Mitchell

Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian - (ISBN: 978-3791339696)

by Lowery Stokes Sims

Louise Bourgeois: The Blind Leading the Blind - (ISBN: 978-2742779192)

by Makhi Xenakis

The Blue Guitar: Etchings By David Hockney Who Was Inspired By Wallace Stevens Who Was Inspired By Pablo Picasso - (ISBN: 978-0902825031)

by David Hockney

Activities for this Theme

Take a look at street artist Banksy’s art. He paints mysteriously at night, often adding to public signs and icons. What informs his vision of the world?

Explore more street art

Learn how blind artist John Bramblitt manages to create lifelike paintings

Look at some amazing examples of graffiti art

See how several artists create works of art from trash

Follow these podcasts to inspire and enlighten artists 

Decide for yourself if these unusual creations are really art.

If you are feeling artistic, draw your rendition of Johnny Cash and add to millions already done.