Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Things My Parents Do Not Know

Ferdinand - (ISBN: 978-0448456942)

by Munro Leaf

Ferdinand the bull is different from other bulls. He likes quiet, flowers, and peace. Although he may not be rough and tumble like his father, he is a charming guy in this wonderful classic. People read this book again and again; what makes you go back to it?

Max and the Dumb Flower Picture - (ISBN: 978-1580891561)

by Martha Alexander

Max wants to create a wonderful gift for his mother for Mother’s Day, but he just does not want to do it the way his teacher thinks it should be done. Why should he just color in the lines? Although Max throws a tantrum about not wanting to conform, when the other children see his original picture, they want to do the same thing. Do you prefer to play by the rules or color “outside the lines”?

Now One Foot, Now the Other - (ISBN: 978-0142401040)

by Tomie DePaola

After Bobby’s grandfather has a stroke, the grandson is able to teach him to play and to walk -- just as his grandfather did for him. At first Bobby is confused by his grandfather’s inability to remember anyone, but by helping, Bobby finds a way to approach the challenge. Have you ever helped a relative do something they once helped you to do?

Ping - (ISBN: 978-0448421650)

by Marjorie Flack

When Ping gets separated from his family on the Yangtze River in China, he makes the best of it, enjoying his new adventures and looking for good food! Did he decide to stay behind deliberately to avoid being the last duck to get back on the houseboat, or did his desire for adventure win him over?

Sally and the Some-Thing - (ISBN: 1596431415)

by George O'Connor

One hopeful morning, Sally goes off on her own and meets the delightfully unexpected "some-thing." Although at first they do not seem to share each other’s interests and activities, they find creative ways to spend their time. Sally’s mother is at home with the baby, but Sally has confidence in her ability to make a new friend. What new friend has made you feel good?

Where the Wild Things Are - (ISBN: 978-0060254926)

by Maurice Sendak

Max’s mother thinks she is punishing him by sending to his room without eating, but Max sets off on a wild journey there. A jungle grows in his room, and he sets sail. He ends up in the land of wild things, and he, of course, becomes their king. Eventually, Max misses home. Do you use your imagination, like Max, when you are being punished?

Big Red Lollipop - (ISBN: 978-0670062874)

by Rukshana Khan

Speak English for Us Marisol! - (ISBN: 978-0807575543)

by Albert Whitman

Sylvie - (ISBN: 978-0375857089)

by Jennifer Sattler

What About Me? 12 Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention (Without Hitting Your Sister) - (ISBN: 978-1884734861)

by Eileen Kennedy Moore

When I Feel Angry - (ISBN: 978-0807588970)

by Cornelia Maude Spelman

Activities for this Theme

Make a list or draw a picture of five ways you can help your parents without them even knowing your plans.

Are you sometimes a “wild thing”? Enjoy the lacing card activity, “M is for Max.”

Enjoy The Secret Life of Walter Kitty - Children’s Book Trailer!

Visit an elderly relative or friend at their home and show them something you have learned to do.

Try this puzzle with a parent to practice thinking differently.