Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Things My Parents Do Not Know

Flutter: The Story of Four Sisters and an Incredible Journey - (ISBN: 978-0399255151)

by Erin Moulton

Maple wants to save her newborn baby sister who is in the hospital after an early birth. She and her sister Dawn seek the help of an older woman they believe can assist their family with a miracle. The journey to reach this wise woman puts them in great danger, unbeknownst to their mother. They persevere and have great adventures along the way. Have you ever embarked into something dangerous without your parent’s knowledge?

Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against! - (ISBN: 978-1593271374)

by Ulrik Pilegaard

This non-fiction building book helps builders push their creativity to the max and do things not only their parents could not dream of doing. Have fun examining the book’s suggestions and pictures of models. What else can you imagine and create?

Little Brother - (ISBN: 0765323117)

by Cory Doctorow

Marcus (AKA w1n5t0n) fools the school’s security entrance protection system with his technical skills. He ends up in the hands of the Homeland Security when he is apprehended while skipping school after a terrorist threat. Marcus uses his knowledge to protest about technological control. Ironically, he uses the same technical knowledge as the “big guys.” This book brings up interesting questions about privacy, rights, and the role of technology, reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. What technologies make you stop and wonder whether things have gone too far?

Matilda - (ISBN: 978-0142410370)

by Roald Dahl

Despite her disinterested parents, Matilda takes herself to the library and begins to enjoy reading. She also uses her creativity to get back at her father and his dishonest professional life. When she starts to plan how to “get” her teacher, she may have gone too far. What do you think? What qualities does Matilda show? How about her parents?

Of Sound Mind - (ISBN: 978-0374455842)

by Jean Ferris Farrar Strauss Giroux, 2001

Since his parents are deaf, Theo knows sign language. He often serves as an interpreter for them since he can hear. His responsibilities to his family sometimes conflict with the normal activities he wishes to join with his friends and at school. A girlfriend shares this conflict since she also has a deaf parent. Find out how Theo manages to assert himself and live his own life despite a controlling mother and the special circumstances of his life.

Acting Out (Summer Camp Secrets) - (ISBN: 978-1416935773)

by Katy Grant

Bindi Babes - (ISBN: 978-0440420194)

by Narinder Dhami

Cyber Kdz: In Search of Scum - (ISBN: 978-0380785148)

by Bruce Balan

I Speak English for my Mom - (ISBN: 978-0807536599)

by Muriel Stanek

The Everything Kids Online Book: E-Mail, Pen Pals, Live Chats, Home Pages, Family Trees, Homework, and Much More! - (ISBN: 978-1580623940)

by Richard Mintzer

Two Hands Together - (ISBN: 978-0141307480)

by Diana Kidd

Activities for this Theme

If you enjoyed Acting Out or other books in the Summer Camp Secrets series, try some camp games.

Learn to make a few simple hand signs.