Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Things My Parents Do Not Know

l8r,g8r - (ISBN: 978-0810970861)

by Lauren Myracle

Suited for mature teens, this book is a series of chats and instant messages between best friends about topics of interest to typical teens. Boyfriends, school concerns during their senior year, and talk about early maturing experiences make up the bulk of the language that might be incomprehensible to readers from another generation! How do you communicate with friends so others do not recognize the messages?

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life - (ISBN: 978-0316101875)

by James Patterson

Rafe and his friend Leonardo devise their own point system to qualify Rafe as the biggest rule breaker in the school. With the two teens gunning against the school’s Code of Conduct, this hilarious tale shows their rebellion from the student point of view! Have you ever wished to disobey authority, if only a little? What point value would you put on your own behavior?

Not Your Parents’ Money Book - (ISBN: 978-1416994725)

by Jean Chatzky

Written with a focus on teens, this book offers sound advice to those with their first job, wondering how to handle the money they earn. The advice is certainly familiar to most parents, but the tone is appealing to a younger generation. It might be easier for teens to learn financial lingo and adopt sound practices by educating themselves than if parents give them the same advice. Are there things you would rather figure out on your own than have your parents tell you? Do you think they feel the same way about learning from you?

Out of the Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0525479963)

by Bill Konigsberg

Bobby does not intend for his best friend to reveal Bobby’s secret, that he is gay, but somehow the news gets out. His best female friend, his coach, and his teammates all have different reactions: some accepting and positive, some shocked, some hurtful. In addition to their confusion about Bobby’s identity, his parents have issues of their own with his father’s cancer diagnosis. If you enjoy books about sports and typical teen problems, consider the way Bobby’s team unites to face a tough final game.

The Man Without a Face - (ISBN: 978-0064470285)

by Isabelle Holland

Charles finds a father figure, friend, teacher, and counselor in a strange man, Justin McLeod, Sent to McLeod for tutoring for upcoming entrance tests, Charles quickly forgets about McLeod’s disfiguring scars and relaxes into the first affectionate relationship he remembers. Have you ever made friends with someone unusual? Did you have to defend your choice to your friends and parents?

Under the Mesquite - (ISBN: 9781600604294)

by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

A young woman's entire family suffers when their mother finds she has cancer. While their father spends his time at a treatment facility with the mother, Lupita rises to the occasion, caring for her younger siblings but also keeping her eyes on her own goals. She finds time to pursue her individual hope, unbeknownst to her parents, of possibly becoming an actress. She also finds comfort during this difficult time by writing down her thoughts. Her friends are unable to understand her concerns, but Lupita discovers new strength as she takes time to write, sitting under her favorite tree. What place and activity do you have that is special just to you?

13 Reasons Why - (ISBN: 978-1595141880)

by Jay Asher

Chanda’s Secrets - (ISBN: 1550378341)

by Allan Stratton

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - (ISBN: 978-0345505347)

by Jamie Ford

Mimi - (ISBN: 978-0763654153)

by John Newman

Nerds: M is for Mama's Boy - (ISBN: 978-1419700231)

by Michael Buckley

ttyl - (ISBN: 978-0810987883)

by Lauren Myracle

Tweet Heart: A Novel in E-Mails, Blogs, and Tweets - (ISBN: 978-1423135289)

by Elizabeth Rudnick

We the Animals - (ISBN: 978-0547576725)

by Justin Torres

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