Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Four Seasons

All You Need for a Snowman - (ISBN: 978-0152061159)

by Alice Schertle

Children learn that building a snowman is a community activity. Everyone has something to contribute to the snow creature’s final look, especially the energy and muscle power to push the snow as the snowman gets bigger and bigger and bigger. If you enjoy this book, try Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. Have you ever built something together with friends or neighbors?

Lucy’s Summer - (ISBN: 978-1567923483)

by Donald Hall

Lucy enjoys an old-fashioned summer in 1910: canning, attending 4th of July festivities, making hats, and choosing penny candy reminiscent of this by-gone era! What’s your favorite candy? Can you imagine a candy that once cost only one cent? What do you think it was like?

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf - (ISBN: 0-15-266197-2)

by Lois Ehlert

The sugar maple tree in its fall glory is the star of this picture book. What other distinct signs of fall do you see as you look through these pages? What signs would you see outside the window of your home, besides changing trees?

Ten Flashing Fireflies - (ISBN: 978-1558586741)

by Philemon Sturges

What is more typical of a child’s summer than that first jar of hand-caught fireflies? Counting the fireflies adds an educational twist to this beautifully illustrated counting book. See if you can count the first fireflies of the summer. If you live somewhere that does not have fireflies, what else do children catch outside in summer?

Welcome Spring - (ISBN: 978-0545088305)

by Jill Ackerman

In this book, the reader can see, feel, hear, and almost smell spring! Despite spring’s often wet weather, any child will look forward to the warming season after experiencing these pages. Try the other welcome seasons books by Jill Ackerman. What would your family include in your own welcome book for winter, summer, or fall?

Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic - (ISBN: 978-0395770436)

by Steven Schnur

Grandma Summer - (ISBN: 978-0140568332)

by Harley Jessup

In November - (ISBN: 978-0152063429)

by Cynthia Rylant

Seasons - (ISBN: 978-1592700950)

by Blexbolex

Snow Music - (ISBN: 978-0066239569)

by Lynn Rae Perkins

The Snowy Day - (ISBN: 978-1591127468)

by Ezra Jack Keats

Welcome Fall - (ISBN: 978-0545099172)

by Jill Ackerman

Activities for this Theme

Snowman Dress-up Game

Children’s Sun Themed Crafts

Play an online fishing game, even if it is not summer!

Choose one of your prettiest fall leaves and make a print: