Early Elementary Books

Theme: Four Seasons

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping - (ISBN: 978-0060511067)

by Peggy Parish

Everybody’s favorite maid is at it again, this time smacking the ground with a stick when her employer says it’s time to hit the road! For lots of laughs, see what kind of trouble Amelia can get into as she accompanies her family on a summer camp-out!

Berta, A Remarkable Dog - (ISBN: 978-0888994691)

by Celia Barker Lottridge

In the spring, Berta the dog enjoys observing the arrival of many baby animals in the farmyard. She even tries to be a second mother to a tiny lamb! Although Berta would like to have a family of her own, Mrs. Miller, the farm wife, is not sure about that. Berta happily “babysits” whatever animals she can get close to! Check to see if there is a farm in your area where you visit the baby lambs in the spring, or go to the children’s section at a local zoo. Name as many farm animals as you can that have babies in spring. Do you know what their babies are called?

Corn is Maize - (ISBN: 978-0064450263)

What do you know about corn, our favorite fall vegetable? Is it one of your favorite vegetables? Find out how corn came into the U.S. diet, how it grows, and what we can use it for. Why do Americans associate corn with autumn? Name and count the number of places you see corn during the fall.

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp - (ISBN: 978-0064442442)

by Syd Hoff

Danny’s friend the dinosaur tries to do all the things other campers do, but his size gets in the way at times. He must BE the canoe rather than ride in a canoe! Still, Danny and his friend both enjoy racing, writing home, playing games, and cooking outside. What pet would you like to take to camp?

The Polar Express - (ISBN: 978-0395389492)

by Chris Van Allsburg

When the Polar Express train comes to town, it brings all the good things of children’s holiday dreams: presents, food, and -- best of all -- a ride to the North Pole with Santa! What kinds of goodies do you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve? If the Polar Express is winter’s ride, what ride would you have for summer?

Blueberries for Sal - (ISBN: 978-0140501698)

by Robert McCloskey

Owl Moon - (ISBN: 978-0399214578)

by Jane Yolen

Sunshine Makes the Seasons - (ISBN: 978-0060592059)

by Franklyn M. Branley

Visiting Aunt Sylvia’s - (ISBN: 978-0892725236)

by Heather Austin

Why Do Leaves Change Color? - (ISBN: 978-0064451260)

by Betsy Maestro

Activities for this Theme

Try your hand at some camp crafts

How good are you at matching animals? Try this online animal game.

Try These Games and Fun Activities for the Polar Express

Make a family book of the seasons by collecting pictures of the activities you do throughout a year. Make a section of photos for each season and add captions.