Early Elementary Books

Theme: Backwards, Forwards, Or From A New Angle

Daft Bat - (ISBN: 978-1402763465)

by Jeanne Willis

At first, the children who meet the bat cannot figure out what the bat wants? Does he want an umbrella for his feet? Is he seeing everything in reverse? For the bat, everything is upside down and backwards. You are in for a surprise when you come to the end of the book and flip it to read from back to front. The letters now say something different!!! Which story did you like better?

Duck! Rabbit! - (ISBN: 978-0811868655)

by Amy Krouse

Have fun looking at the same image on different pages of this book but seeing different things. Is it a rabbit or is it a duck? Look at images magnified to see how they change as well. Take a vote among the members of your family to determine which image is the easiest to see. Or are both images there all the time?

Forest Bright, Forest Night - (ISBN: 978-1584690672)

by Jennifer Ward

What animals sleep in the forest in the nighttime? Which ones are awake when others sleep? When darkness comes, the world seems reversed, as the sleepy ones get up and start their days. The day movers fall off into slumber. Draw a picture of yourself in your daytime colors and then another in black and white showing you in your bed.

Rezoom - (ISBN: 978-0140556940)

by Istvan Banyai

Each illustration in this book ends up as a part of a larger picture; eyes become the headlights of a subway train, a warrior appears more harmless as part of a watch face. There is also the juxtaposition of ancient and current images. For a refreshing jump into a mind game, look at this book slowly. Take a look at the clouds and see what shapes you can find.

What’s Up, What’s Down? - (ISBN: 978-0060297572)

by Lola M. Schaefer

In this book on perspective, you follow arrows to see things alternately from the ground, from the moon, or from the center. Start in the middle and go backwards from the end! Viewing the sights of nature from different angles and at different heights leads to a thoughtful appreciation of great beauty! Which perspective is your favorite view?

Black and White - (ISBN: 978-0618636877)

by David Macauley

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse - (ISBN: 978-0525479017)

by Marilyn Singer

The Backward Day - (ISBN: 978-1590172377)

by Ruth Krauss

Zoom - (ISBN: 978-0140557749)

by Istvan Banyai

Activities for this Theme

Draw some random squiggles and talk with your family about what they look like. Then turn the page over and find something totally different.

Look up at the clouds and try to see various items in the cloud shapes.