Early Elementary Books

Theme: A Penny, A Dollar

A Chair for My Mother - (ISBN: 978-0688040741)

by Vera B. Williams

After a devastating home fire, a young girl and her mother and grandmother save the mother’s restaurant tips and any extra change any of them have in a big glass jar. They plan to buy a soft cushy chair since all they have now are hard and straight. With beautiful illustrations, this book details the theme of saving a little at a time to get what they really want. When they bring the chair home, it is heaven! Find a used pickle or peanut butter jar and start saving your own dimes! What would you dream of saving up to purchase?

A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy - (ISBN: 978-0590265980)

by Caren Holtzman

After a young lad finds the tooth fairy has left him twenty-five cents, he imagines the many different combinations of things he can buy with his new money. Unable to decide how to spend it, he decides he wants the tooth back. How much money do you receive from the tooth fairy?

Apple Picking Time - (ISBN: 978-0517885758)

by Michelle Slawson

Although Anna enjoys playing in the apple orchard with the other children, this year she is determined to pick enough to fill a complete bin by herself; she vows to help her family by doing so. In this apple picking area of the U.S., entire families keep their children out of school to help with the apple harvest in the fall. Anna is delighted to help her family, achieve her own goal, and get to the apples before they begin to rot on the trees. In what small ways do you help your family and the community?

Arthur’s Pet Business - (ISBN: 978-0316113168)

by Marc Brown

Arthur’s fondness for pets turns out to be a moneymaker when a dog he is hiding has puppies, and he sells them. Although his pesky sister D.W. manages to get her hands on most of the money, he still has ants, frogs, a bird, and a snake to keep him busy! Do you have anything you can sell or recycle?

How The Second Grade Got $8,205.50 To Visit The Statue Of Liberty - (ISBN: 978-0807534311)

by Nathan Zimelman

Organized like a business ledger, this book details how the second grade class got carried away with fund raising for their trip to New York City. How did so many funds get into the profit column? Does your class or school do fund-raisers? If so, what kind?

Not So Fast Songololo - (ISBN: 978-0711217652)

by Niki Daly

Malusi walks slowly to accommodate his aging grandmother on their trip to the big city in South Africa; he is proudly helping her with her errands. When she has enough money left to reward him with some bright new tennis shoes, his day is beyond perfect. Have you ever earned a special reward?

Chicken Sunday - (ISBN: 978-0698116153)

by Patricia Polacco

Follow the Money! - (ISBN: 978-0823417940)

by Loreen Leedy

Mall Mania - (ISBN: 978-0060557768)

by Stuart Murphy

The Big Buck Adventure - (ISBN: 978-0881062953)

by Shelley Gill

The Cool Crazy Crickets to the Rescue!? - (ISBN: 978-0763646585)

by David Elliott

The Penny Pot - (ISBN: 978-0064467179)

by Stuart Murphy

Willie Wins - (ISBN: 978-1600602375)

by Almira Astudillo Gilles

Activities for this Theme

Play a coin counting game.

Play games and learn about coins from the U.S. Mint

Make your own piggy bank ideas.