Early Elementary Books

Theme: Houses and Homes

Lighthouse Christmas - (ISBN: 978-0803730533)

by Toni Buzzeo

Frances tries to make her brother’s Christmas more joyful by getting away from the isolation of her lighthouse home and joining other family members on the mainland, but a rapidly occurring storm forces the little family to celebrate together in their unusual abode. Have you ever been to a lighthouse? What is different about living in a lighthouse?

My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me - (ISBN: 978-0375825675)

by Maya Angelou

Take a look inside Ndbele life as you follow Thandi through her village with the many intricately designed houses characteristic of her tribe. Their geometric motifs are echoed in the jewelry and blankets of her people, and their brightness and colors show you a rich, many-faceted world. Try drawing and coloring one of the designs you see in the book on your own paper.

The House at Pooh Corner - (ISBN: 978-0140361223)

by A.A. Milne

Pooh Bear and friends build a new house for the donkey Eeyore in their charming community. You will delight in the cast of characters and get to meet Tigger for the first time in this collection of classic stories. Try other books about the world of Winnie the Pooh.

The House in the Mail - (ISBN: 978-0142400616)

by Rosemary Wells

When a family orders a new house from the Sears catalog, the young girl in the family keeps a picture diary of the steps involved to get it ready and erect it. In addition to the unique way of buying their home, they have plenty of new things to get used to once the house is completed, including a luxury refrigerator, running water, and a washing machine. Visit the link to the old Sears catalog found in the activities section for this age group!

The House of Joyful Living - (ISBN: 0374334293)

by Roni Schotter

Despite living in an older city building showing its age, a young girl’s pride and happiness in her home with its warm kitchen, and even better, its community rooftop, show throughout the book as you get to know the narrator’s multicultural neighbors. Views from the rooftop include the wider world of New York City, and the child revels in the world she has, in spite of the approach of a new baby who will keep her from being the only child on the roof! Think of how wide your “home” extends, from its bedrooms and kitchen, to its yard or roof, to its street, and its larger community. What is your favorite part of your house or community?

When I Was Young in the Mountains - (ISBN: 978-0140548754)

by Cynthia Rylant

From a mountain home, a young child enjoys her life in the country with her grandfather despite the hardships of living a coal-mining life. Poetic tones in the text further enhance the child’s reminiscences of her life in a house where she has to bathe in the sink and swim in a pond. Ask your grandparents to share how the houses where they grew up were different from the homes of today. Did they have a shower inside their home? Did they have a television?

Fly Away Home - (ISBN: 978-0395664155)

by Eve Bunting

Homes on the Move - (ISBN: 978-0778735564)

by Nicola Barber

Island Homes - (ISBN: 978-0778735557)

by Nichola Barber

My House is Singing - (ISBN: 0152162933)

by Betsy Rosenthal

The Village of Round and Square Houses - (ISBN: 978-0316328623)

by Ann Grifalconi

The Wonderful Tree House - (ISBN: B0007E1L8O)

by Harold Longman

William’s House - (ISBN: 978-0761316749)

by Ginger Howard

Activities for this Theme

Make a simple birdhouse with these easy craft suggestions

Make an indoor tent by draping blankets across chairs so you can play underneath.

Check the old version of the Sears catalog to see what other unusual items people used to be able to order:

Make a simple castle.

Make a simple birdhouse with these easy craft suggestions 

Browse through this site to find ideas on how to make a fun playhouse out of old cardboard boxes.

Check out this fun variety of lighthouse making crafts.

Make a house of ice cream sticks.