Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Houses and Homes

Anne’s House of Dreams - (ISBN: 978-0553213188)

by L.M. Montgomery

Anne (of Green Gables fame) returns to Avonlea after her marriage to Gilbert to live in a cottage beside the sea. Enjoy her days as she rebuilds her life on the beloved island where she grew up. Try other books about Anne or reread some of your favorites

Life in a Medieval Castle - (ISBN: 978-0060906740)

by Joseph Gies

Experience life in a castle home from the Middle Ages as you explore this book. In addition to learning about the names for different parts of the castle, learn about the nobility that lived there and the servants that helped keep their lives running smoothly. How was life in the castle different than your own life? Are there any similarities?

Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow - (ISBN: 978-0763655266)

by Daniel Naveri

These four novellas echo the world of Lewis Carol in their imaginative creations of parallel universes. Each has a different writing style and different setting appropriate to its title. Why do you think the author chose to evoke the Three Little Pigs in his title choice?

The Swiss Family Robinson - (ISBN: 978-1613821282)

by Johann Wyss

After a shipwreck, a family struggles to create a new home and life for themselves in a wondrous but eerie place on an island. What would you try to build if you had to create your home from scratch out of all naturally found materials?

The Wright 3 - (ISBN: 0439693675)

by Blue Balliett

A pair of high school-aged sleuths (Petra and Calder) notice mysterious happenings at the Frank Lloyd Wright building in their neighborhood. Their efforts to solve the mystery of what is happening there and also to save the house from demolition make for an exciting read! What is their conclusion to their teacher’s question about a house being also a work of art?

Northanger Abbey - (ISBN: 978-1612930848)

by Jane Austen

The Empty House - (ISBN: 978-0397320059)

by Isabelle Holland

The Grapes of Wrath - (ISBN: 978-0143039433)

by John Steinbeck

Activities for this Theme

Explore and learn about different houses around the world

Check out the video about children in Mongolia living in a yurt, “Cave of the Yellow Dog.” It is available in your local library.

Try tent camping with your family

Find out more about Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses.

Take a virtual tour of a castle that still exists today.

Enjoy a map of the Green Gables area.

Have you ever tried to make an igloo?