Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Ice

Anna’s Blizzard - (ISBN: 978-1561453498)

by Allison Hart

Anna and her faithful horse must lead her class to safety after a blizzard arrives before they can get home from school. Based on a true event, this retelling of the school children’s blizzard of 1888 shows Anna as a strong leader, determined not to let her classmates turn into blocks of ice!

City of Ice - (ISBN: 978-0765358806)

by Laurence Yep

In this science fiction adventure, Scirye and friends pursue their enemies, pushing them into the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle. When Scirye has to ask for help, she calls on the Spirit, who can be either good or bad. Will the Spirit come to her aid and help prevent the enemies from getting to some lost treasures?

Frozen Fire: A Tale of Courage - (ISBN: 978-0689716126)

by James Houston

Matthew and Kayak set out to find Matthew’s missing father in the Canadian Arctic. Based on a true story, this book shows their difficult snowmobile journey as they braved extremely frigid temperatures. Despite being familiar with the area, they faced many challenges. What did you learn about Eskimo life from reading this?

Ice Drift - (ISBN: 978-0152050818)

by Theodore Taylor

Two Inuit boys face a challenging voyage as they view their ice floe separate from the larger one, and they embark on a months-long journey with only one of their faithful sled dogs. They experience the temperature extremes, along with having to rely on their own resources to build a shelter and find food after they are shipwrecked. If you enjoy exciting tales, this is the one for you!

Winter of the Ice Wizard - (ISBN: 978-0375873959)

by Mary Pope Osborne

In this Magic Tree House book, four friends travel in the Magic Tree house to save their companions who have been kidnapped by the Ice Wizard. A condition of their friends’ release is to locate one of the Ice Wizard’s missing parts. Solving riddles and battling the elements provide additional challenges to their quest. What is your favorite riddle?

Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm! - (ISBN: 978-0984442218)

by David Shapiro

The Fight for the Frozen Land - (ISBN: 978-1862306332)

by Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Trapped in Ice - (ISBN: 978-0140386264)

by Eric Walters

Voyage of Ice - (ISBN: 978-0440418863)

by Michele Torrey

Activities for this Theme

Want to make a treat that looks just like ice? Try preparing rock candy.

Use ice to make beautiful designs on homemade candles.

Make sparkly homemade play dough that looks like winter.

Make homemade window clings in the shape of snowflakes.

Make some frosty designs on your windows.