Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Have a Ball

A Ball for Daisy - (ISBN: 978-0375858611)

by Chris Raschka

Daisy the dog loves nothing better than playing with her ball. Imagine her distress when a larger dog comes along and ruins her beloved toy. Look at the pictures of Daisy carefully in this book. Do you do all the things she does with your favorite toy? Do you sleep with it?

Balls - (ISBN: 978-0531267455)

by Melanie Davis Jones

Wow! See all the different kinds of balls and enjoy imagining all the different ways you can play with them. What is your favorite?

Dancing Cinderella/Belle of the Ball - (ISBN: 978-0736425605)

by RH Disney

This classic remake focuses on two Disney heroines: Cinderella and Belle. Follow their activities as they dress and swirl their skirts at romantic balls. Which ball gowns have the most appeal for you? Do you have a favorite Disney “hero?”

Play Ball - (ISBN: 978-0761454519)

by Santiago Cohen

Enjoy seeing how everyone and all animals love to play with balls. Learn the words that go with ball play. Try some of the moves in this book yourselves at home with your own balls.

Round is a Mooncake - (ISBN: 978-0811826761)

by Roseanne Thong

This concept book for preschoolers introduces a few common shapes including the circle. What other common objects are round besides balls?

The Great Fuzz Frenzy - (ISBN: 978-0152046262)

by Janet Stevens

One day, a seemingly giant monster from outer space falls abruptly into a prairie dog hole. Although it is only a tennis ball, the dogs go “ballistic”! They all want the fuzz from the ball surface to create wonderful fashions! Eventually one of their own is kidnapped after he has stolen all the fuzz for himself. What will be the outcome?

Elmo’s World: Balls - (ISBN: 978-0375805745)

by John Barrett, photographer

My Soccer Book - (ISBN: 978-0688171384)

by Gail Gibbons

The Turkey Ball - (ISBN: 0843114568)

by D.J. Steinberg

Watch Me Throw the Ball - (ISBN: 978-1423113485)

by Mo Willems

Where is Baby’s Beach Ball? - (ISBN: 978-1416949626)

by Karen Katz

Activities for this Theme

Color a ball with hues of your choice.

Make cute sheep crafts with cotton balls.

Make beanbag balls with balloons and lentils.