Early Elementary Books

Theme: Have a Ball

Brave Irene - (ISBN: 978-1427217257)

by William Steig

Irene, the local dressmaker’s daughter, volunteers to venture into a fierce snowstorm to deliver the promised gown to the duchess for the upcoming ball. Her adventures with weather and especially the wicked wind create a fairy tale setting as Irene fiercely confronts her opponents to get the gown to the ball on time. What was your favorite part of this story?

I Kick the Ball/ Pateo El Balon - (ISBN: 978-1558856882)

by Gwendolyn Zepeda

Tonito lives inside his mind where he dreams of being a soccer star. He sees the ball reaching the goal again and again in this bilingual picture book. He comes back to reality when his mother calls him home for dinner. Have your dreams ever interfered with your real life?

The Big Ball of String - (ISBN: 978-1741146158)

by Ross Mueller

George wants to play soccer so much that he makes his own ball! Taking a long piece of string, he winds it around again and again until he has an actual ball. George overdoes it (a bit) as he practices his dribbling all around town, until the ball starts to unravel! Try making your own toy with things from around the house.

The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast - (ISBN: 978-0763644222)

by William Plomer

This reissued classic provides a feast for the eyes as you page through this tale. Based on a poem, the creatures in the book make preparations to attend a gallant ball. Enjoy the marvelous illustrations in this book from a lost time.

The Fabulous Ball Book - (ISBN: 978-0195409130)

by Kathy Stinson

Learn all about balls of every kind: play balls, balls in nature, and balls in the heavens. See if you can think of other types of balls.

Biscuit Plays Ball - (ISBN: 9780061935039)

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - (ISBN: 978-0689306471)

by Judi Barrett

Froggy Plays T-Ball - (ISBN: 978-0142413043)

by Jonathan London

Game Day - (ISBN: 978-0516259642)

by Cari Meister

Game Day - (ISBN: 978-0516259642)

by Cari Meister

The Matzo Ball Boy - (ISBN: 978-0142407691)

by Lisa Shulman

Activities for this Theme

Make beanbag balls with balloons and lentils.

How to Make a Ball in a Cup Game

Try a basic meatball recipe.

Make your own squishy bouncy ball.