Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Have a Ball

Ball Four - (ISBN: 978-0020306658)

by Jim Boulton

Boulton’s expose of the baseball world caused him to be forever banned from Oldtimer Days at Yankee Stadium in New York City. His frank inside look at the real people who play baseball and the real dramas that go on behind the public view provides a fascinating look at an unknown world. With great humor and humanity, his picture of the true world of baseball remains controversial yet telling.

Cake Balls: Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats - (ISBN: 978-0762445769)

by Robin Ankeny

This amazing new twist on the ever-popular cupcake, the cake ball, proves to be delicious and appealing in this informative book. Whether making them for a school treat or for potlucks, brunches, showers, and/or weddings, cooks of all levels of expertise will enjoy trying this novel preparation!

Moneyball - (ISBN: 978-0393338393)

by Michael Lewis

In 2002, the Oakland Athletic ball club tried implementing a new paradigm and hired players with great records who were virtual unknowns. Despite the skepticism of other teams, the A’s ended up with a winning record. Enjoy this insider view of all that goes on to keep a ball club in the running.

Temari Techniques: A Visual Guide to Making Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls - (ISBN: 978-1933308326)

by Barbara Suess

Enjoy learning a bit about the history of this Japanese art, Temari ball making. With plenty of pictures and a myriad of patterns, this book also allows for experienced fabric specialists and seamstresses to create their own designs while adhering to the traditional guidelines.

The Ball: Discovering the Object of the Game - (ISBN: 978-0061881794)

by John Fox

Learn about the history of the development of balls and ball games using this fascinating book filled with many great anecdotes and careful research. Learn the details about sports involving balls from the ancient to the modern. Learn about different materials and techniques involved in ball making as well as about the development of modern game rules. What “ball” game is your favorite?

Double Play - (ISBN: 9780399151880)

by Robert B. Parker

Full Court Press - (ISBN: 9780399147890)

by Mike Lupica

Jane and the Wandering Eye - (ISBN: 978-0553578171)

by Stephanie Barron

Men with Balls - (ISBN: 978-0316023078)

by Drew Magary

Scratch - (ISBN: 978-1590710210)

by Troon McAllister

The Darcys Give a Ball - (ISBN: 9781402211317)

by Elizabeth Newark

The Hunt Ball - (ISBN: 9780345465498)

by Rita Mae Brown

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball - (ISBN: 978-0307458995 )

by Donita Paul

Activities for this Theme

Make your own dart-style game to play with all your family members.

Take your family to a local high school or community college sporting event. Or, if you have the background, sign up to help coach a local team.

Make your own bocce set and play at home