Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Great Escapes

Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken - (ISBN: 978-0312558246 )

by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Yetta the chicken does not want to be cut up and eaten, so she craftily escapes the butcher’s knife and begins to wander the streets of Brooklyn, making friends along the way. Although she runs into several rude animals along the way, she manages to help some too. What words do you see in this book that are in Yiddish? Which words do you see that are in Spanish?

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs - (ISBN: 978-0062104182)

by Mo Willems

Goldilocks has to figure out a way to escape from the clutches of three starving dinosaurs when she accidentally ventures into their house and gets stuck in the trap. In this remake of the classic Goldilocks story, the dinosaurs eat chocolate pudding instead of porridge. What other changes do you notice?

Monsters Eat Whiny Children - (ISBN: 978-1416986898)

by Bruce Eric Kaplan

After their father warns his children not to complain so much, a monster kidnaps them for his dinner. The monster has grave difficulties finding a recipe that will work with the children. While he and his wife are kibitzing about how to prepare them, the children manage an escape, having learned their lesson about whining. Do you ever whine? Have you learned a way to stop whining so much?

The Runaway Dinner - (ISBN: 978-0763638931)

by Allan Ahlberg

When the sausage unexpectedly jumps off the table one night and runs away, Banjo and his family follow him down the street to a park. Not only does the family try to catch its escaping dinner, but the silverware, furniture, and even the other foods on the table join in the chase. Banjo is worried someone else will catch his dinner before he gets there! What happens in this story?

The Three Pigs - (ISBN: 978-0618007011)

by David Wiesner

Enjoy this modern take on the classic tale of the Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. Revel in the humor of the asides that show what the pigs and wolves are thinking. In Wiesner’s version, not only do the pigs step out of the story to comment on it, two of them escape and end up in a new land where they meet lots of other storybook creatures. Which storybook world is your favorite? What happens to the third pig?

Deep in the Jungle - (ISBN: 978-0689822353)

by Dan Yaccarino

Monkey with a Tool Belt - (ISBN: 978-0822576310)

by Chris Monroe

The Alphabet Keeper - (ISBN: 978-0375823473)

by Mary Murphy

The Gingerbread Man - (ISBN: 978-0590972192)

by Jim Aylesworth

Activities for this Theme

Enjoy watching this video about Gordon's Great Escape.

Make a play “escape kit” for dramatic re-creations of escape scenes from your favorite movies and books.

Decorate the world’s best-loved escapee, the Gingerbread Man.