Early Elementary Books

Theme: Great Escapes

Escape from the Phantom Zone - (ISBN: 978-0061885198)

by John Sazaklis

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have to try and stop General Zod and his compatriots who have escaped the Phantom Zone and are headed for earth. What powers do they use to try and thwart this evil guy? What of their strategies could you apply to a difficult situation you mind find yourself in? Do you have a favorite superhero?

Henry’s Freedom Box - (ISBN: 978-0439777339)

by Ellen Levine

After Henry Brown watches his family being sold to new slave owners, he escapes the South by mailing himself in a box to a land of freedom! Enjoy the illustrations of how exactly he traveled and who helped him along the way. Did he ever get reunited with his misplaced family?

The Great Houdini - (ISBN: 978-0679885733)

by Monica Kulling

This great kid-friendly biography traces the origins of Houdini’s desire to become one of the most famous magicians and escape artists in U.S. history. How old was he when he began practicing tricks and escapes?

The Great Toy Escape - (ISBN: 978-0736426626)

by Kitty Richards

Andy’s no longer wanted toys find a new home at a daycare center, but some are unhappy there and try to escape. What familiar Disney characters do you see in this tale?

The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom - (ISBN: 978-0763635190)

by Erin Susanne Bennett

Mama sews and so do many other women; their patchwork quilts are prize-winning quality! They also sew messages into their quilts that help slaves escape along the Underground Railroad. Learn about the meanings of some of the various quilting squares and how they helped Hannah escape to Canada.

Blu and Friends - (ISBN: 978-0062014870)

by Cathy Hapka

Fuddles - (ISBN: 978-1416991557)

by Frans Vischer

Jane on Her Own - (ISBN: 978-0439551922)

by Ursula Le Guin

The Great Escape - (ISBN: 978-1416991328)

by Emily Sollinger

The Red Wolf - (ISBN: 978-0618055449)

by Margaret Shannon

Activities for this Theme

Learn more about Harry Houdini's famous escapes and illusions 

Make an escape plan for your family to safely exit your house in case of a fire.

If you live near historical sites used by the Underground Railroad, visit them and imagine the excitement and intrigue that took place inside the walls.

Create a secret code puzzle to share with friends.