Early Elementary Books

Theme: Letter by Letter

Ape in a Cape: An Alphabet of Odd Animals - (ISBN: 978-0156078306)

by Fritz Eichenberg

Each page of this unique alphabet book shows interestingly depicted animals in a corresponding situation. The word describing the “fix” the animal is in starts with the same letter or rhymes with the animal name. And the animal names are, of course, in alphabetical order. Think of some other animals that you like. Make up your own rhyme, and draw a picture to go with it.

M is for Music - (ISBN: 978-0152064792)

by Kathleen Krull

If you love music, you will love learning new words about it and seeing pictures of some of the most famous musicians and composers, all arranged alphabetically! Check to see if your favorites are there. If not, try to design a page that could be added to this book featuring your most beloved creator!

New York New York: The Big Apple from A to Z - (ISBN: 978-0060548773)

by Laura Krauss Melmed

Preview all the things there are to see in this wonderful book about the marvelous sites in New York City! Make a book about your favorite town and fill in as many pages as you can, following the alphabetical model used here.

The Alphabet from A to Y With Bonus Letter Z - (ISBN: 978-0385516624)

by Steve Martin

Marvel at the nonsense rhymes that occur in alphabetical order as you read through this very silly book. Which page has the most words that begin with the target letter? Can you think of more words that have that alphabetical beginning?

The Z was Zapped - (ISBN: 978-0395446126)

by Chris Van Allsburg

In this beautifully drawn book, all the letters of the alphabet undergo dramatic changes as the pages progress through twenty-six play “acts.” What are the transformations? The illustrations clearly show you. The changes all happen to correspond to the letter of the alphabet being changed. What is your favorite letter and its change? Can you think of any other ways using different words to change what happens? Draw your own picture of a letter and its corresponding transformation!

ABOCO - (ISBN: 978-0987062208)

by Penelope Vos

Country Road ABC - (ISBN: 978-0547194691)

by Arthur Geisert

Creature ABC - (ISBN: 978-0811869782)

by Andrew Zuckerman

F is For Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet - (ISBN: 978-1585365326)

by Helen L. Wilbur

G Is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book - (ISBN: 978-1883672584)

by David Schwartz

The Folks in the Valley: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC - (ISBN: 978-0694009817)

by Jim Aylesworth

Activities for this Theme

Try the app “The Endless Alphabet.”

Make your own memory game. On 52 card squares, write the letters of the alphabet. Mix the cards and turn them all upside down in rows on a table. Take turns turning over two at a time until you find the matches.

Read this downloadable book