Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Letter by Letter

The Alphabet Conspiracy - (ISBN: 978-0980040739)

by Rita Mae Reese

This collection of poems focuses on a 50’s filmstrip that became a kind of cult media sensation. The author explores, creatively, the role of language and lexical origins to find their effect on cultural development. Read this book to find out how the tool of language can alienate us but, at the same time, work for us in our quest for self knowledge and ultimate development.

The Bible of Illuminated Letters - (ISBN: 978-0764158209)

by Margaret Morgan

If calligraphy and classic graphic design is your bag, this is the book for you! Learn how to recreate not one, not two, but twelve enduring illuminated alphabets; directions necessarily include the art of adding gilding (to add the characteristic illumination). Enjoy also the history and views of the great art that comes with the illuminated letters tradition.

Uncle Shelby’s ABZ: A Primer for Adults Only - (ISBN: 978-0671211486)

by Shel Silverstein

This whimsical alphabet book closely resembles Silverstein’s famous collections of poems for children, but their subject matter is definitely adult. An interactive text, this book pulls you into its near insanity as you rollick through the unpredictable pages. Why does one of the pages say it is something people will not be willing to share with their children?

W is for Wasted - (ISBN: 978-0399158988)

by Sue Grafton

In this later offering of the Kinsey Millhone series, the scrappy detective investigates two murders that do not seem to be related. When she gets more and more information, however, eerie links begin to appear. If you enjoy uncovering the facts with Kinsey, try her other mysteries, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Word Freak - (ISBN: 9780142002261 )

by Stefan Fatsis

Learn about the competitive world of professional and aspiring Scrabble players in this fascinating look at national Scrabble tournaments. Enjoy also finding out about the history of the development and growth of popularity for this still popular past time.

An Alphabet for Gourmets - (ISBN: 9780865473911 )

by M.F.K. Fisher

Bob’s Bible - (ISBN: 978-0971947306)

by Robert Gillis

Dial M for Murder - (ISBN: 978-0822203056)

by Frederick Knott

Activities for this Theme

Read more about the Gutenberg Bible Illuminated Letters

Use this book with your family: Hands-on Alphabet Activities for Young Children: a Whole Language Plus Phonics Approach to Reading by Roberta Seckler Brown.

Plan an alphabet reading adventure with your family. All family members should pick books they want to read together. Start with a book that begins with the letter A and enjoy tackling a variety of titles throughout the next year.