Early Elementary Books

Theme: Books That Ask Questions

Do Frogs Have Fur? - (ISBN: 978-1404802926)

by Michael Dahl

This book exploring animal coverings is cleverly couched in a series of nonsense questions. You may giggle about the content as you are learning about the different kinds of skin and other “coatings” their animal friends have. Learn the correct names for the coatings. What kind of coating do you have on your head or on your toes?

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? - (ISBN: 978-1609050627)

by Susan Shea

Enjoy this interactive book about how animals grow and change. Learn about some inanimate objects, too. But which really grow? Become totally entranced as you observe and think about the different kinds of things in the world.

Who Is It? - (ISBN: 978-1561452248)

by Sally Grindley

The author takes well-loved fairy tales and presents them in a new manner. Take a guess of the identity of the heroes and heroines of these folk stories. Who is sitting in Mama Bear’s chair? After enjoying this fun book, look up the original fairy tales and reread them together.

Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job - (ISBN: 978-1590785690)

by Stephen Swinburne

Explore a variety of jobs by thoughtfully examining the types of shoes a myriad of workers use. The right shoes add to safety, comfort, and utility, and you get to guess which fit which occupation. Did you see any shoes you might like to wear after you grow up?

Whose Work Is This?: A Look at Things Animals Make - (ISBN: 978-1404806122)

by Nancy Kelly Allen

What do animals produce? Everyone knows we get milk from cows, but where does honey come from? Where do pearls come from? Ask your children about the various outputs of the creatures in this delightful book before you read it together.

Do Donuts Fall in Winter? - (ISBN: 978-1567662221)

by Viki Woodworth

Knock Knock Who’s There? - (ISBN: 978-0140555561)

by Sally Grindley

Who Am I? - (ISBN: 978-1841381022)

by Moira Butterfield

Who Grows Up in the Snow? - (ISBN: 978-1404802100)

by Theresa Langenecker

Activities for this Theme

At your next family get together or birthday party, give everyone 5 minutes to write as many nonsense questions as they can. The person with the most is the winner.

Get a few laughs with these Knock Knock jokes and riddles online

Write some mixed up fairly tales. Take parts of some of your favorites and put them together in a new way.