Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Books That Ask Questions

A Question of Magic - (ISBN: 978-1599908557)

by E.D. Baker

Serafina is in “training” to become the new Baba Yaga, a type of witch who has magical capabilities. One of the requirements of her surprising new job is that she must answer the first question anyone asks her with complete honesty. Sounds easy, right? Try doing this just for one day.

I’m Game - (ISBN: 978-0448441337)

by Nancy Krulik

Katie tries to help prepare her father for an upcoming TV quiz show by asking him every question imaginable. When she unexpectedly changes into her father, she is unsure if her preparation has been enough for HER to handle the queries! If you enjoyed this book, try more Katie Kazoo titles.

The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown - (ISBN: 978-0670819324)

by Betsy Byars

The notebook Bingo has to keep for school turns up a barrage of questions. Titled “Burning Questions” in his journal, they help him identify his doubts about a crush he has on various girls, his coming focus on problems his teacher might be having, and odd thoughts about a writing assignment on suicide. With great humor and thoughtfulness, this book depicts the inside of a pre-teen mind. Try keeping your own list of questions!

The Kids’ Book of Questions - (ISBN: 978-0761135951)

by Gregory Stock

Learn how to have a meaningful discourse with your upper elementary aged children by asking them probing questions. What questions will they have? How will you deal with them? This book has questions and answers!

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail - (ISBN: 978-0803738386)

by Richard Peck

Mouse Minor’s peculiar tail mirrors the state of his life. His tail is different and so is his origin. Where did he come from? Why does he not fit in with the other mice in the Mews or at his school? He even comes to ask the Queen for answers, but he has to find out for himself, but how?

Ask Me Anything - (ISBN: 978-0756651954)

by DK

Is This Normal? - (ISBN: 978-1593694838)

by Michelle Watkins

No Messin’ With My Lesson - (ISBN: 978-0448433578)

by Nancy Krulik

Questions for Kids - (ISBN: 978-0966943719)

by Michael Smith

The Magic School Bus Answers Questions - (ISBN: 978-0439043328)

by Anne Schreiber

The Problem with Puddles - (ISBN: 978-1442421011)

by Kate Feiffer

Activities for this Theme

Create your own quiz show. Write out questions you think everyone should know and try using the Jeopardy format. Or put matching questions on cards and make your own memory game.

If you enjoy reading a lot, try the question preview to the genres game.