Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Lies, Rumors, and Misinformation

A Sack Full of Feathers - (ISBN: 978-1551438634)

by Debby Waldman

A rabbi tries to teach an exaggerating young boy a lesson about the nature of gossip. The boy normally repeats stories about the villagers, each with just a “bit” of elaboration! The rabbi instructs the boy to leave a feather at each doorstep, and then later, to pick each one up. He hopes the analogy of the boy’s inability to control the placement of the feathers will show him that gossip is also uncontrollable. What does the boy learn when he cannot find each single feather?

Duck, Rabbit - (ISBN: 978-0811868655)

by Amy Rosenthal

Is it a duck or a rabbit? Different readers may have different interpretations of the truth here. Can you see the other figure if you look at the drawing a bit differently? Can you make a drawing that has the same mixed message?

Little Red Riding Hood - (ISBN: 978-1577681984)

by Candice Ransom

In this modernized version of the classic tale, the wolf still keeps telling Little Red Riding Hood lies about who he is. What hints does the girl see and hear that make her realize the truth?

The Aminal - (ISBN: 978-1595723635)

by Lorna & Lecia Balian

After Patrick stumbles across a new animal, his descriptions of it make it into a monster! His friends mishear him, and every further description makes it grow in their minds! Go back to the beginning of the book and rewrite it. Make the description grow in a different direction. What did you create?

The Blind Man and the Elephant - (ISBN: 978-0590907392)

by Karen Backstein

Six blind men each touch only small parts of a wrinkly elephant. Their guesses about what the elephant must be will amuse readers. What inferences would you have made if you had touched the elephant’s eyelashes? Or his tail?

Arthur’s TV Trouble - (ISBN: 978-0316110471)

by Marc Brown

Chicken Licken - (ISBN: 978-1846433276)

by Francesca Assirelli

Gerald McBoing Boing - (ISBN: 978-0375827211)

Snarlyhissopus - (ISBN: 978-1589250215)

by Alan MacDonald

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs - (ISBN: 978-0140544510)

by Jon Sciezska

Activities for this Theme

Play the old-fashioned Telephone Game

Try some illusion coloring sheets.

Try to beat the clock and guess the animal shown in each of these video puzzles.